Thursday, October 9, 2008

When dog meets cat

Posted by Siew Lee at 10/09/2008 06:34:00 AM
I have updated on the post "Brother's Birthday". Refer to the posts below.

Wednesday... I don't know why,but Wednesday will always be the happiest day for me. haha.

Oh wait, before all, Happy Birthday to Wei Yuan! haha.

Bio practical

I think we were the first group to finish our experiment, thanks to Cally who rush and "booked" the lead nitrate. haha. First time using the "water bath" and colorimeter. So excited. Though the results we got is not the ideal one, but it's correct.Cally, I know I super blur while doing experiment, and I spilled the sample. XD I cannot be a good scientist..and I don't plan to be one.haha
Suddenly all of them start discussing about handphones. Wei Yuan becomes the consultant today since he did survery recently on phones. Anything go ask him. XD

While CK on the other hand discovered something on both Wei Chie's and Mei Mei's phone. Well.. CK you really
slow poke la.. hahaha. no wonder I call you wooftle= woof woof + turtle. XD You know you were blur today then don't come fight with me 'coz you know you are going to lose. =p Really cari pasal one... haha.
Despite the fighting, CK and I can also "co-operate" for sometimes, and in this case, it's
teasing Wei Chie and Mei Mei. XD No choice la... They are too romantic and way too sweet already. haha.

Water bath.

Temperature set at 40 degree celcius.


Cally and Seow Yen. Booking the colorimeter. XD

Boiling tubes with 10cm3 of starch solution, 5cm3 of distilled water+lead nitrate, 1cm3 of iodine solution.

Went to Carrefour and have
KFC as our lunch. KFC.. again. haha. Can you imagine playing cards while eating the chicken? Yeah. Yoon Hung and Wei Yuan just did that. But I have no idea on what game they playing. Cally and I got into Hinode shop, a gift shop just right opposite KFC. Cally chose a glass frame with her horoscope on it and got something for her brother. Yoon Hung and Wei Yuan were at the archade while Wei Chie and Mei Mei don't know go where. /gg

"You are always prepared to give things a go. Financially astute, you are industrious and honest. You make a loyal friend and are completely devoted to your family. You shun the limelight, leaving it to others to take the plaedits"

Yoon Hung and Wei Yuan.

Yoon Hung.

Wei Yuan.

Applied Maths
I don't really feel well even when in the car. I feel kinda like
vomitting. Nowadays keep having this annoying feeling. Don't know what's wrong with my body.. Sat besides CK and you know what's going to happen between us. XD
Cally was talking to Jian Shen and I was
fighting with CK together with Mei Mei. Don't know why suddenly Mei Mei come out with "Fat Boy Box Office". She said CK wanted to build his own cinema. I then said, "What for you wanna build cinema? Dogs also cannot watch. XD" Then we said what movies are you going to show. Mei Mei said "When dog meets cat". haha.
Cally is
improving her Mandarin now. haha. But she still made us laugh like mad just now for the word "Sunday". XD
CK made me fight with him and I lost most of my
ATP, and he said that he wanna help me call my mitochondria. haha. which he didn't. XD
Mei Mei, Wei Chie and CK were non-stop talking about red shirt. wth.

Cally drove me to Danau Kota together with Jian Shen. I will be having my tuition there. Class starting at 4.30pm. Reached home around....6.30pm. not too sure. Didn't go to sleep eventhough I was freaking tired. Most probably Im
too hungry or having some sort of stomachache. Bath at 7.30pm and ate my dinner at 8pm, so unusual. XD

Taken before I start tuition. Freaking tired >.<

And I found out I have some scratches on my right hand.

3 somemore. =.=''

Trying to stay awake. XD




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