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Posted by Siew Lee at 11/17/2008 11:03:00 PM
I've watched two movies in this November, so far.

First it was Boys Over Flowers The Movie.
Then, Quantum of Solace.

Boys Over Flowers The Movie

To those that have watched Meteor Garden (Taiwan) or Hana Yori Dango before, yeah, this is the movie that they made, called 花より男子ファイナル (Hana Yori Dango:Fainaru)
Hmm.. about this movie, seriously if you wanna say very nice, not so, because I have watched the series drama before. But, I like the messages that they are trying to give us.
You can see how Doumyouji trusted Makino, and how sure is his love towards her.
The story was about 4 years later where 5 of them are going to graduate from university.
The film was filmed in places like Las Vegas, Nevada and Hong Kong.
Seriously, very good for couples to go watch it, provided both know how to appreciate this movie. =p
I mentioned this movie few posts before, sadly, it's so hard to find pictures for this movie.>.<
"True love lies in mutual trust"

Quantum of Solace

I'm not a big fan of James Bond or what, but because someone wanna watch it, so I just get myself into the theatre. XD
Before that, I was rushing to KLCC for the movie 'coz I have my violin class early in the morning. Well, I still have time for McDonald's as my lunch 'coz that fella insisted to eat McDonald's.
Oh, and my McFlurry as well. XD
So the show started at 1.45pm, which we get in later 'coz of the fella again. XD
About the movie, everything was only one word- Fast. It's like zoom this scene, zoom jumping into the other scene and zoom to the end. As what I learnt from my GP, leaves no room for imagination. The effect and action was not bad but a little too much. They added some funny conversations in it. It's all about revenge. Either good or bad. Overall, not a bad show for me.=p
I have plenty of time after that show. Walked around KLCC, as in every floor, 'coz we got nothing better to do, and headed to the park outside KLCC.=p
Walked until my legs were so tired and we went back.
So lucky to get bus when I reached Wangsa Maju. ^^
Oh I went to swing before I actually walk back to my house. =p

James Bond(Daniel Craig) and M16 (Gemma Artenton)

Camille(Olga Kurylenko). I just love her. XD

She's so cool.


After. So pretty >.<

Cast and crew.

Last but not least...

The one I hate the most in the movie...

Dominic Greene!!! XD

Wonder why my post is entitled.. "知足"..?

I got my own reason la... XD

p/s: Thank you so much~~~ =p




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