Monday, November 17, 2008

Sing K, Sg. Wang

Posted by Siew Lee at 11/17/2008 01:04:00 AM
First of all, I would like to say thank you.

Thanks to those who wished me good luck.

Thanks to those who accompanied me to study.

Thanks to those who had answered my questions.

Thanks to those who still online at night while I was revising.

Thanks to those who supported me "mentally".

Thanks to those who offered me a help.

Most of all, Thanks!


Without much hesitation, delay or what, eventhough we do wasted some time when we were making our move, we finally headed to TS for our celebration. =p

First, of course have our lunch first, since we were all in the starvation stage, so it's Tepanyaki this time. To be frank, the food there isn't that nice. Oh, we actually separated into 3 groups to go there.
1st group
with Yoon Hung, Jian Shen, Wei Chie and Wooi Liang.
2nd group
with Mei Mei, Lee San, Hazel, Hui Joo and I.
group with Jordan, Ching Jia, Chai Liang and Hao Ting.

Yoon Hung booked the room at Greenbox, Sg. Wang on 2pm. Room 47. I think I went in there before. haha. Nothing much inside the K room, plainly sing, making fun and playing around.


Improper one.

Better. =)

Hao Ting, Chai Liang and Lee San.

Why Chai Liang's face always looks like that? XD

Yoon Hung and Hazel.

Hui Joo got nice and powerful voice. ^^

Ching Jia sesat. haha. 'coz all white. =p

ok. I took this picture. Super tall guy. haha.

The "act cool" gang. especially the one in the middle. XDXD

Do you know why Jian Shen wanna make 2 peace? XD

Ching Jia was looking at.....?

Group photo.

Lee San is cute. =p

They were posing. sweet =)

Jian Shen insisted to take picture with Hui Joo.

With Hazel as well, before they went back.

Hazel and I. Tired face. >.<

Random photos. Lazy to write captions. =p

4 of them, Ching Jia, Yoon Hung, Jian Shen and Wooi Liang went for movie after 6pm. Mei Mei, Wei Chie and Hao Ting went back. Chai Liang, Lee San and I continue to shop at TS. Well, it's just Lee San and Chai Liang were shopping, I simply just walking. =p Sudden rain at 9pm where we forced to take Monorail then LRT to back to Wangsa Maju. They have their prawn mee there as their "dinner", and I planned to have mine when I'm home. Eventually reached home at 11pm and didn't take my "dinner". Stress relief after going out with them so I didn't show much tiredness after I reached home.

Slept at 2am and woke up for violin class at 7.30am.
Last 2 lessons for this level.
Had our exam.
Not prepared.
But it's still ok. =p

p/s: Don't fever..




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