Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sleep sleep sleep....

Posted by Siew Lee at 11/18/2008 02:52:00 AM
I slept quite early..which suprise almost everyone including myself. I guess I was too tired. =p
After waking up, quite unwillingly, haha, took my lunch and stuff. Wanted to watch 3pm tv show, but gosh, this is the time it started to rain. No choice. I went to sleep, AGAIN. =.='' So total up, I slept for around 15 hours. Zzzzzz. keep sleeping only. XD

Online and find about ANTS. ok, why ants? and what so intresting about ants?
I don't know, you go ask the fella who curious to know about this. XD
So I found quite some cool facts about ants, which leading me to keep clicking on new window and abondoned my friend, for a while. hehe.

Slept at 2am. Kinda cannot sleep. So I play Sudoku before I slept.=p

Monday, 17.11.08
I watched a show called "Screening Humanity" in Channel KBS. It's in Korean language with English subs.
Well, it's a show about trials and obstacles that human faces.
This time is about, a 15 months-old baby, named Songbu who cannot eat nor breathe on his own.
He has to use the operator all the time.
His mother has to stay with him almost 24/7, because there's some time that he has difficulties in breathing, then his mother has to fix it by inserting some tube into his trachea.
They never give up..
His mother never feel like giving up on this child.. eventhough the doctor can't even indentify what disease is this..
His mother is always hoping.. to see his laughter.. again.
And.. I always see Songbu smiling, all the way, throughout the show.
"You were born to be loved...
You have that love with you now..."
His mother sang this..
It's like tear in your heart..
Very touching.. >.<
The world is full of hopes..
Never stop hoping..
The world is full of loves..
Never stop loving..
After watching this show, eventually go online again. hehe. Found some Violin scores. Some can practise but some can't.
Find some pictures for blogging and here I am, the 3rd post of the day. =p

p/s: Smile..happy.. okok?




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