Saturday, December 13, 2008


Posted by Siew Lee at 12/13/2008 04:54:00 AM
Last day of first sem= 14th Nov 2008
Holiday started= 15th Nov 2008

Today= 12th Nov 2008

Days since I last saw all my friends, most I mean= 28 days

By the time this post is posted= 13th Nov 2008

By 13th Nov 2008, days I last all my friends, most again I mean= 28 days + 1 days
= 29 days

College reopen= 5th Jan 2009

(Sad to say.. but I still have to write this..>.<)

Days left to go back to college= 23 days

By 13th Nov 2008, days left to go back to college= 22 days

twenty two. dua puluh dua, yee sap yee!

Sounds familiar??



It's from the already go crazy, sot jor, insane or whatever due to missing someone too much, taaa daaa.. MEI MEI!!

>.< >.< >.<

Talking about holidays...

if you notice..

I will keep say "sien" to you guys..


hell yeah I LOVE HOLIDAYS!!!!!! >.<

Holidays= Sien ---- (1)

Holidays= Fun ---- (2)

So hor, you see, you combine these two and it will somehow become...

Sien= Fun


Holidays= Sien= Fun

which eventually means..

Holidays are meant to be sien..

Holidays are meant to be fun..

Therefore, holidays are meant to be sien and at the same time fun as well.





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