Friday, January 2, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 1/02/2009 04:33:00 AM
31st and 1st.. it's just one day different..

How I spent it you might ask..

on the last day of 2008 and very first day of 2009..

I spent it with people that I truly wanna meet..

people that I haven't meeting for long time..

people that I think I wanna spend with..

and I'm very grateful that I didn't wasted the 2 days..

p/s:people out there that I didn't meet in these 2 days don't be sad kay. doesn't mean that I don't wanna meet you guys but I can't split myself right. =(

on 31st, I met up with my 2 best friends, Xin Ying and Yue Fen, at KLCC for a movie.
We chosen "1". haha. Bedtime stories. not a bad movie though. hehe.
the last time I met them were during Yue Fen's birthday, so this time is the late celebration of my birthday. =)
went to Subway to have our lunch. not too satisfying.
went up to McDonald's after can't decide any other food to eat.
3 Mcflurry ended up. haha.
Chit-chatted like last time and I have to left earlier 'coz of the bloody tuition class later.
somehow I hope the 3 of us, the oh my loves will continue to be like this, I mean, at least celebrate each other's birthday forever and ever and ever next time. XD

after tuition class was my "sisters reunion".
ok eventhough we see each other everyday and we even sleep together, but its very rare for us to gather and eat and talk together.
went to Feeling's cafe as a pre-new year celebration.
didn't stay there and countdown.
went back home and countdown with my damn lovely computer. XD

on 1st Jan 2009, the very first day of 2009..
its our high school reunion which will be held every year on this date.
and this is the 2nd year it has successfully run. =p
venue will be the freaking far Mid Valley.
I was late.. hehe.
they were having lunch at Sushi King.
ok, the last time I been to Mid Valley was a year ago, which is for the reunion as well. haha
so I kinda get lost and don't know how to go there.
chit chat as usual.
having fun talking to them.
step them.
joke with them.
most of all..
camwhore-ing with them..

Vian, Xiang, Mae, and Ruru.

with Xiang.

with Ruru.she's getting more and more pretty. =p

with lou dao.

with Sook Yee.

with Eve.

oops. Vian and I closed our eyes. =p

Sushi King.

Group photo before going back.

infront of Big Apple.

some photos are not with me.
gonna upload when I got them.
people, see ya next time@ next year at Times Square. =)

went back kinda early at 4pm.
kinda tired, however.
damn the bloody public transport to Mid Valley.

and here I am..
happily blogging for the very first day of 2009..

Don't waste your time..
you should live life to the fullest..
without realising..
its already 2009..
and then 2010..
and then 2011..
and then 2012..
and then 2013..
and then count yourself.. XD

enjoy ya day! =p




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