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Posted by Siew Lee at 1/22/2009 07:46:00 AM
21.1.09 Wednesday
Today was definitely an enjoyable day for me.=)

Well, I don't planned to have any outings after college recently, due to my laziness, I guess.Therefore I keep ffk-ed my friends, which I felt kinda bad. But actually I didn't promise 100% that I would go, so it's still not considered as ffk right? xD

So, its on this beautiful Wednesday. (okay I admit, I kinda like Wednesday more than other days)
Straight after our class, on 2pm, we have this short *ahem* discussion outside DK 2, to decide where are we heading later, since we just found out that, Philip is going out as well. So why not we, the big big gang of SN9G go out together. *winks*

Cut off the craps.

We went to Mid Valley.

I must really tell you that, today, indeed, is another hot hot day. XD
and I was wearing black.
so you can imagine how much heat energy that I actually trapped.

What I really wanna tell is that,
mind you people when you guys is on Chai Liang's car.
you have to be like 200% alert.
He's speeding like.. gosh know how to describes it.

Traffic jam on the roads and we are not quite sure about the road to Mid Valley. Thanks to Philip for guiding us all the way. =)

God blessed us,
we reached Mid Valley, safely.

The first station is always food.
We have been starving since like hours.
Headed to Nando's for my late breakfast, lunch and early dinner. XD

A very very quick order and luckily Nando's wasn't crowded so they serve us really fast. =p
*thumbs up*

It's all about games today.

From bowling to arcade to pool.

It's syok, really syok, I must tell you. =p

especially when you are under so much of pressure from personal problems to studies stress, it's really a good time for you to relax your mind, body and soul.

definitely a good idea for you to throw away your problems.

Although I don't really like arcade and pool centre as there will always be people smoking, which they are not supposed to,
but still,
the leisure wins all. =p

and I finally know why guys like games like this sooooo much..
you will really get addicted,
if without self-control.
but it's no harm that you relax yourself once in a while,
as long as you know when to stop it.=p

1/4 Chicken with lemon and herb sauce, served with peri chips and Mediterrian rice.


Photo taking session? hehe.


The gang..some of them.

CNY lovely.. =p

2 brothers of mine..
eh no, the left one is the one who always bully me and the one who called me devil all the time. XD the right one is Wei Chie.

Thanks for sending me back and sorry for not having dinner with you guys, but I really couldn't make it.

We go for the Yee Sang. okay?



canny on January 24, 2009 at 2:41 AM said...

lol ur first time for yee seng??? hohoho banana =.=

Siew Lee on January 24, 2009 at 3:51 AM said...

haha. lol
ya la first time give to u all d..
being called banana by a banana which the banana that call another banana is not actually a banana. XDXD


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