Friday, January 23, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 1/23/2009 04:48:00 AM
Since Wednesday,
while on our way back to KL from Mid Valley,
its always so bored to be stucked in a traffic jam.

My bro@Wei Chie, came up with some really cold, lame, hilarious jokes for us.

They definitely sparks out the night,

and making a beautiful ending to our outing.

I shall share some of it here as well. =p

While we were having our break today, and some of them having Physics lecture,

the Biology students went over to the "fountain" or "swimming pool" so-called,

to chit chat/study.
and I came up with Wei Chie's lame jokes to them, since I ain't in the mood to study or doing anything else.

guess what,

Yoon Hung and Wei Yuan repay me with some lame jokes as well.

good job!


I love jokes,

named it lame jokes or some funny jokes.
They will usually make me laugh. =p so don't worry, people if you think your joke is cold,
'coz I will definitely add some ice to it. *winks*






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