Thursday, January 15, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 1/15/2009 04:53:00 AM
Monday, 12.1.09

Classes from 11am onwards were cancelled.
Our class started on 10am.
How great right? xD
Went for Mr.Loh's Chemistry lecture at 8am.
then sneak in to SN9H's Biology tutorial.
All thanks to Seow Yen.haha.

So after GP class at 11am,
followed Chai Liang and the gang to swim. xD
Basically Lee San and I didn't swim. just the guys.


Swimming pool.

This picture.. is abit.. er.. funny? haha.

CHAI LIANG. the fella who splash water over us. =.= and get scolded. haha.

the victim, Tharma. all wet.


3 guys. oh no no.18SX. cannot show over here. XD

After awhile, we went over to Hao Ting's house. not really his house, but where he stay all this while.
I can't imagine its really that.. messy.
I know guys should be like this, I mean, they stereotyped guys to be like this,
but this is seriously over for me.XD
simply because I saw guy's room/house before which is so tidy. =p


Does this even look like a kitchen? =.=

so-called living room.

the bread Lee San and I found there.

View from the small balcony.


I was complaining all the way when the first step into the "store room". ok well.
I simply cannot stand because I thought my stuff was kinda messed up but when I saw this, and I seriously know what "messy" meant.
Lee San was fighting with mosquitoes all the way.
Please don't take me to this house again. :S

I was starving from the early morning till we got to Genting Klang and finally settled down at House Cafe for our lunch.
I'm so in love with cheese so I ordered Cheese Chicken Chop, if that's the name.

Lee San's.

Nothing to do over there.
So Chai Liang and Hao Ting played chess.
Since I am noob in it, frankly speaking, don't know how to play, can only stare at the chess. XD

Went back tiringly, eventhough did basically nothing. =.=


Another tiring day~

p/s:Simply because I care more than I thought..



***ApPLeMiNT*** on January 17, 2009 at 3:35 AM said...

lol fun rite go martha's class hehehe >.<


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