Thursday, February 26, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 2/26/2009 04:04:00 AM
So yeah, after the KTM things,
I kinda feel like,
this year isn't going to be easy.
despite the horoscope or zodiac readings,
I truly believe that nothing is easy in life.
But, it's slightly tougher this year.
I guess, I just have to be even stronger.

I kinda suck in wearing shoe besides sports shoe or something similar,
so that day when I wore slipper to Mid Valley,
I suppose I can do well with that since its not the first time wearing it.

I eventually fell down that day,
on my way to Bangsar LRT station,
as in,
really fell.
you know 四脚朝天 @ fall like a panda.
I used my elbow to actually prevent from real falling,
and yea, my joints on my left hand hurts, not my right hand.
simply because I have similar case before.
It wasn't that painful afterall.
But I have to put like 5 plasters on my legs.
and they are itchy.

I didn't think it was my slippers' fault.
I simply think its just an accident,
so I just have to be extra careful when I walk next time,
I suppose.


It was Tuesday,17/2/09, where I wore the slipper again.
I just wanna make sure that I can wear this slipper properly,
in case this is the factor for the falling.
So everything went well and phew no falling.
while I was walking down the staircase at H block heading to CITC.
I fell, again, from the staircase.
Nah, not a very serious one.=)

Now, its proven that, I'm not good in the slipper.
(but that doesn't mean that I ain't going to wear that again.. hahahaha)

Fell down.
Severe cough.
and something happened.
not bad enough?




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