Thursday, February 26, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 2/26/2009 04:25:00 AM
I actually love sports alot, for your information.
Its just that, I love to be lazy as well. =)

I went to gym that day,
since they finally have treadmills!
Its so-called blue Monday, but I like Monday,
for this moment,
as we are having only 3 classes. =p

I bet everyone of you know that,
they have this new gym just above badminton court.
you still don't know?
go find it out! hehe.

We spent like 1 and 1/2 hours there,
not entirely working out,
but most of the time.

I love the feeling where you feel sweats coming out,
and your body is burning fat,
and you're decreasing the poison,
and you're building your stamina,
and you're having fun!

You're supposed to be more energetic after work out,
as far as I concern.
but, my sister, she almost fainted there.
and she wonder how I can be still so steady there,
when she was almost fainted.
=p =p =p

She claimed that she hasn't eat before this,
so do I,
and I have low blood pressure,
and she's pretty more healthy than me.
how could this happen?

Cut the craps.
After workout session,
its camwhore session.

I look darker, am I? yes I do feel that I look darker after gym. why!


This scene is supposed to be very beautiful..
never notice such place in TARC before?
perhaps I have good eyes,
perhaps you should slow down your pace.. =)

A refreshment after gym at TBR
and sisters reunion after reaching home.
Laugh, laugh and laugh! hahaha.
Dolphin and penguin huh?
How can that be even linked together!
thanks to my younger sister.
I'm hyperactive after gym, I don't know why.
its hell ya a very good day for me~

I love my strawberry..=p

p/s:Ryan why so pity eat alone~ next time I accompany you ok? haha. then we can continue our "fight". =p




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