Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Siew Lee at 2/04/2009 04:47:00 AM

Well I actually wanted to tell about what I'm supposed to continue from the previous post,
I feel like writing this first,
so yeah,
I will postpone that one. =p

When people ask me for any new year's resolution or any wishes and hopes for the year 2009,
I will normally answer a no.

I'm not used to setting any target or probably I'm way too lazy to remind myself there's actually some tasks for me to accomplish,
that's why,
I will not specify any goal.

I guess,
this is one of the reason that set me back from being determined.
(despite that I'm really lazy)

There's one friend of mine,
who sets his own targets for each time,
and he gets so motivated
and always go for his targets.

I felt that,
that's a really good way,
to keep yourself discipline.

So now,
I'm going to write my hopes/wishes/new year resolutions for 2009.

1.Be a good girl.

Good as in..many ways.

2.Study smart and study hard.
Enough for being lazy. I'm surrounded with many hardworking fellas. From my sister, KP, and Adrian.
and to avoid being scolded from my sister for not studying.
and to avoid Adrian for saying I'm lazy.
You guys know I can do it right. =D

3.Stay happy.
Eventhough this is the thing that I should be remembering all the time, but I will still like to put it here. =p

4.Stay healthy.
Ok I know I always eat late, sleep late and what-so-ever bad habits you name it, I will try to, yes, TRY to, be more healthy. hehe.

5.Be myself.
Yea, I tend to lost myself, sometimes, and I have to generate more energy or ATP to pull myself back, which means, I need more glucose or lipids for energy-yielding reactions, so means, I have to take in more carbohydates or fats, directly meaning I have to take in more food. wahhaha.
just an excuse for me to eat more. XD

6.Be friendly.
and again I know I have sharp tongue,which I think most but not all will agree with me.
don't get it wrong, I don't mean what I say by sarcasm.
so ok, be more friendly. >.<

7.Be determined, disciplined.
In order to achieve my goals, or targets, I can't miss these two values.

8.Get good results for A Level.
well, I think AS is really important so I hope I can really do well in it. but of all, I hope the overall A Level results will be nice as well. =)

I think I just gonna stop here,
or not the list will just keep going..

Regarding the previous post,
in case you guys are wondering or guessing,
if you do,
it's nothing to do with my status,
I'm still single and available.
and I have lots of bf if you wanna say.
bf= male friends.
and this status isn't gonna change for the moment,
as far as I concern.




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