Saturday, February 14, 2009

The nite

Posted by Siew Lee at 2/14/2009 06:24:00 AM
Finally it comes to an end for our Test 4.
I must be honest that,
Test 4 results are going to be terrible.
as in not enough preparation.
I'm sad. :(

Well, still,
our gang is famous for our last minute outing.
so this time we went to Jusco Kepong for a movie.
undecided movie until we reached there.
Finished our class at 4pm and drove there with 2 cars.
Many minor things happened before we could make it there,
still its not a big deal.

We have chosen Pink Panther 2, recommended by Cally.
so yeah, 7.20pm show.
Went for our late lunch and early dinner at Food and Tea.
Make the order quite fast since we were all starving.
Warning: Don't try the noodles, or at least don't try the food where Lee San, Cally and I ordered. They aren't tasty. >.<


Lee San's and mine.

Somehow even the food isn't tasty,
I still swallow all of it.

Random pic of Yoon Hung. The one who ordered French Toast, noodle and ice. He really can eat alot.

We still have plenty of time after we finished our meal.
So we went walk around and eventually ended up at the arcade.

This is fun. but too bad the time is too limiting.

Hao Ting and my brother playing, featuring Yoon Hung as the speaker. lolx. this part is funny. =p

and I saw this little cute child.

and yeah its time for the show!
kinda of excited for the show since I heard quite alot of good reviews for it.
and obviously it doesn't disappointed me.

even before the show actually started,
I have already started laughing.
I'm abit crazy I know. >.<

But I don't know why my bro and Hao Ting who were sitting besides me,
have no reaction. zzz
The French English slant is so funny!
Musn't read the sub 'coz they aren't representing the funny part.
and I heard the loudest laugh from Yoon Hung who was sitting approximately 7 seats from me.

this show is great,
if you are looking for some laughter,
or you called it "brainless".

Its kinda late after the show ended.
and you wonder why I can stay up so late outside?
'coz I'm staying at Lee San's house for one night.
and the first time I overnight at people's house.

Reached 9.30pm at TBR.
and settled down everything at Lee San's room.
so does Hao Ting,
who was staying overnight at Chai Liang's room.

Results of not resting enough lead me to severe headache and dizziness.
Felt like sleeping only whenever I see the bed.
Too bad can't really spend time talking to Lee San or Chai Liang or Hao Ting,
I suppose thats what I wanted to do.=(

Well still I have some small talk with 3 of them
and we spent some time having supper at 12am.
and tried the Roti Cheese there.

ya I know I can't live without cheese.

set myself alarm to woke up at 6.45am
which is a good thing
since its not a norm for me to do this at home
where I have my special alarm to wake me up almost everyday.

walk to school for the first time.
overnight for the first time.
supper at so late for the first time.

I enjoyed the Thursday night alot.
really have fun.




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