Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yogur Berry

Posted by Siew Lee at 2/14/2009 06:32:00 AM
After so many times of delaying, postponing, and many other things,
my sister and I finally can come to an angreement to let Danial treat us. XD
its the Yogur Berry we chose.
instead of Baskin Robins and others.

Let me tell you what,
even as the name suggests "Yogur"
but I before I sat down there and make my order,
I still think this is a shop for ice-cream!

somehow the yogurt+ice cream from the menu don't look seducing to me,
so do the price.
eventhough I don't have to pay a sen for it,
but still I'm very concerned over the price.
(see how good I am.. haha)

Let's have a look for this shop,
its definitely photogenic.
it may not look exactly the same in real,
due to my good photography skill..

the boss-Danial, who name me after Chili Bau. =.=

Despite the ugly not so seducing picture in menu,
I still have some confidence in their products.
and they turn out to be great.

I love the smooth texture of the yogurt-ice-cream.
they just different from the normal yogurt that you might hate it.
and the fruits with it.

In this hot Friday,
especially after my class,
its always great to have such relaxation.

Too bad we didn't make it for the movie,
but still its a great day.

While on our way back,
we saw this...

gold man? its believed that if you touch him then you can good luck.

and this cute lady selling flower.
Anyone? Flower for Valentine's Day tomorrow..




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