Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Unforgettable Valentine's Day

Posted by Siew Lee at 2/17/2009 04:57:00 AM
Early in the morning for this lovely Valentine's Day,
we have Biology extra class at 9am.

But everyone seemed so not in the mood for the class
especially for our gang, I guess.

As for me,
I thought of not going to Sunway Lagoon at the first place,

due to some factors, (which is not going to be discussed here)

but still,

when I saw the exciting face of Cally when I stepped into the DK,

my mind started to change.
so all thanks to Cally who convinced to go, or not I would definitely missed alot of fun.

Cut short what happened next after we ended Biology class.

I guess we wasted quite some time for some.. unnecessary things,

so we fasten our pace so that we could make it there before it started to be crowded.

Sunway Lagoon wasn't as pack as I thought,
and I can say, its very few people compared to the usual weekends.

After parking the car,

after queuing up for tickets,
after settling ourselves down,

and.. yes Sunway Lagoon we are coming!


its been really long since my last visit to lagoon,

and that was during my very young age

where I don't dare to try those fun games over there.
so I'm so not gonna repeat this for this time.

and we played almost everything there.

from the water park to the dry park.

we basically didn't separate ourselves,

as we believe that this way is more fun,

although separating is a better way.

For some reasons,
I don't dare to swim actually,

but my adventerous personality brings me to the fun of it.

I enjoyed it most of the time in the very-chlorine-smell water.

oh and where's the fun if we don't do crazy things!

since its once in a while and God knows that when we are going there for the second time,
so we enjoyed to the max.

and the crazy thing were.. hmmmm..

I would suggest you to go over to Cally's blog as she has a very detailed description for it.

and thats super daring for 3 of us to do these.
Learn things
la. XD

I actually forgot to take my breakfast before we went there
so I used up almost all my possible yielded ATP to play
and when we finally wanted to go back,
my legs were shivering,

where you know,

you can't control it.
you know its time for some food.

I would not dare to say the food we took were very delicious,

but that's more than enough in this very-fully-booked-situation.

and we had got some entertainment,
the waiter there can sings well in JJ's songs!

I eventually reached home at 11pm.

Thanks to Yoon Hung who sent me back. =)

we had great time talking in the car, right?


Since I'm single for like, since I was born?

so I don't really looking forward for celebration in Valentine's Day,
but they always turned out to be fun.

I still remembered years back I celebrated every 14th with my PBSM great friends.

those moments were memorable.

so do this one.

unforgettable one.

Thank you friends for everything.




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