Thursday, March 19, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 3/19/2009 05:26:00 AM
This is our destiny..

On 15th March, Sunday, the Oh My Loves went out again.
but this time is Xin Ying's birthday.
and with more people.

Together with Kan Feng, Eng Aun, Kar Thye and Zhi Pin.
Seriously I'm telling you, I can't really remember what happened that day,
except for the fact that I was "arguing" with Kan Feng about that handphone thingy.
It was fun though, but, abit "over", as I see the couple keep sighing. haha.
It was kinda a suprise to see Zhi Pin there. He was my ex-schoolmate. He's getting more and more funny, though Xin Ying kept saying he's lame. but pity him also. haha. you-know-why.

We first headed to buy present, a D.I.Y bracelet where I think we gonna have 3 of that soon. haha.
Then headed to KFC to have breakfast while waiting for the birthday girl.
oh ya we went Pavilion. hehe.
After Xin Ying's and Zhi Pin's arrival, we went walk around and stuff before deciding which restaurant to go for lunch where we stand in front of the directory and do the counting again. lol.
Madam Kwan's.

Hmm..I can't finish my fried rice. lol. you should really taste it. I don't know how to say. Then you will know why I can't finish it. (Kar Thye I kill you! Next time gonna finish it and you pay the bill! hahaha)
Ok I really can't remember anything else. (Oh my loves don't beat me up..>.<) Movie-->Slumdog Millionaire.
I kinda of insisted to watch this instead of Race to Witch Mountain..
A smart choice I would say.
Compared this to Curious Case of Benjamin Button..I would say both stand on their own style and I will slightly rate Slumdog Millionaire a little higher.
I don't really know how to describe the movie is, its rather more exciting than Curious Case of Benjamin Button, though both talk about real life stories.
Go and watch it yourself then you will know. =p
Somehow, I think the main actor, Jamal Malik, really likes Latika alot. Hmm..
A kind of destiny to let them meet after such..changes.

Went back eventually after the movie.
Thank you Kan Feng for offering to send us back, but still Xin Ying, Zhi Pin and I went back ourselves.

Kinda feel like I made many wrong moves on that day.
LRT was.. another wrong move. lol.
The machine eventually broke down and I think there's only 2 machine functioning.
but I still make it on time to meet up with my sister.
(zzz then why still bother to write about LRT)

The guys.

The girls.

They have their partners.
and I don't have.
used to be alone. lol.
but I have mine to accompany me! haha.

I bet you don't know what I mean. blek.

They were meant to be together..
and they will be together.

wasn't feeling well yesterday and still now, thats why never update. hehe.




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