Monday, March 16, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 3/16/2009 04:35:00 AM
I don't know words can hurt so much,
till I heard this from my friends.

I never know strangers' words can be so distracting,
and I once believe that "Words from strangers could never hurt"
and disagree when Seow Yen told me this.

But now, I finally know why.

I know how is it to be accused from someone that you never thought they will say so.
I know how is the feeling when you heard those words, those annoying, irritating and disgusting words.

Do you even know us, or my friends, to be specific?
No, you don't.

Do you even try to think before judging?
No, you don't even.

Do you even think your words are harsh?
No, hell no. I doubt how if you know, will be the same.

I wonder,
with this kind of attitude,
how are you still able to make friends?

Though I don't know you
I don't judge you
I don't say bad about you
but you are definitely too over

I will not, do such things.
Because I know other people can see that and able to judge that
There's no need for me to do further elaboration

Can't you just shut your mouth off if everything you said is meant to be proved wrong?
Can't you just stop saying words that might hurt others, even if they aren't your friends?
Can't you just use your brain, if you ever have one, to think twice everytime before you say something?
Can't you just step back and think of the feelings of others where they being said so badly by you?

No, I doubt you have the ability to do so.

You never understand those feelings.
You never know how ridiculous it is to be said badly by strangers.
You never know the feelings from being accused.
You never know how hurt it is.
You never know.

We shall wait and see.
You will be pay back, by the same thing.

and you shall meet me,
and I will let you taste back the same thing what my friend had tasted.

and you shall tell me how great it is.

Jian Shen,
enough brother or not? Don't worry, I will prepare my machine gun with me. and I'll standby for you for this matter, anytime you want it.

Wei Chie,
say it out better than not. really hope I could help you in any way. but I know there's to certain extend that I can help, the rest is still up to you. ganbatte!

People, even if I have laser mouth, I don't shoot people for no reason. I don't say something which sound so silly.

Mind you words, strangers.




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