Thursday, April 16, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 4/16/2009 02:17:00 AM
Let me recall abit of what I did on last week till today..

6th April 2009
Went to TS to sing K and watch The Fast and Furious 4 with my gang..

8th April 2009
The boys went to play basketball...

10th April 2009
The gang skipped Biology lecture and went to CC.. boys were playing Counter Strike, girls were doing their own stuff..

11st April 2009
TVC at 4 Happy Seasons Restaurant and help up at TARC..

13th April 2009
Went to gym with Seow Yen and headed to Pizza Hut to join the gang there..
Played Mafia.. hmmm long missed game? hehe.

14th April 2009
Being invited to Abby's house as Indians are having their new year..
Along with Lee San, Chai Liang, Yuin Yee, Tharma and Benjamin in 2 cars..
Have the very first time home cook Indian food, and very first time using hand to eat.
good experience =)
oh.. first time to play with dog as well..
many first times.XD
Mandy, the female dog in her house. She was real fierce at first, and wanted to stab on Yuin Yee's hand. omg.
but later on she was nice and fun to play with. I slowly get the courage to play with the dog when Yuin Yee was playing. Apparently, the dog loves her. =p
the dog very cute, seriously. she knows how to manja one. lol. or all dog does that? I don't know.
I'm random. ignore me. =p
We went back at 7.30pm..
Thanks again to Abby and her family..

15th April 2009
the gang went for badminton at the court which Seow Yen and I booked earlier. from 3pm to 5pm.. The girls weren't playing, just observing and hang around. It was freaking warm inside the court, for your information. went back and have my yam cha session with sister. two roti telur and a cup of teh tarik. The roti telur sucks! lol. then I became very full and just had my dinner like...1 hour ago. its now 12.46am for ur information =p ok I'm random again.

Happening week.
lots of stuff.
lots of thoughts.
lots of studies.

I want to eat McFlurry!!!
(random. lol.)





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