Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can't express

Posted by Siew Lee at 4/28/2009 03:08:00 AM
(yes yes I know I shouldn't be here blogging. >.<)

its another day I spent with 2 people that I treasure alot, real lot. Despite the hot days before this, today was an exceptional, raining.
I thought you couldn't make it at first as it was heavy rain and believe or not, I keep check my phone see whether there's message or call from you in case you can't make it or what. lol.
Seriously the honey dew should have tasted better. haha.
ok well.3 hours chat? thats never enough for us, I guess.
This time I heard more from you than the other way round. its good that you talk since I talked too much about mine. haha.
I'm not weird creature. lol. What a description.
seriously, honestly, and frankly speaking..
you made me realise lots of things.
about myself.
about other things.
I'm really glad that on the day we met I gave you my small bag.
and it started off.
Very glad.
I still believe in the "frequency"..not just you feel that, I felt that.
In front of you, I couldn't hide my feelings.
You can easily sense or see that.
everytime when you are trying to confirm, gosh, I die straight. haha.
its just.. I don't know. lol.
omg. very creepy one you know. hehe.
Its good and its bad though. =/
You know, trust yourself(like saying back myself =p),
you always know what you have to do.
the question you asked me, remember?
you are more firm with your decision, at least.
you gave me confidence in trusting myself, and you never doubt
and you told me
and I don't know what else I wanted to say
its just..too much.
I don't know how much I could make it, but I will not disappoint you..

Thank you for everything.
Thank you so much.
besides thank you I don't know what else I can say.
Thanks for the hotlink..I didn't laugh ok!
there's no need of "note" or "letter"..
I'm sure you wrote that to make me cry. I'm sure! lol.
Its just..words or actions can't show how I much appreciate you. I really don't know. but I do appreciate,alot. I'm serious.

p/s:how if I tell you I am hurting?




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