Thursday, April 9, 2009

Posted by Siew Lee at 4/09/2009 04:53:00 AM
Very quick update.. I just come to realise its already 12.54am, I thought I just online for 1 hour. ROFL

ok AS Trials were done. My results were done. lol. sucks, I know.

The day after the last paper, Biology paper 1, we headed to TBR for breakfast and headed to Greenbox, Sungei Wang to sing K from 1pm to 5pm.
While on the way to Times Square (we went there first before Greenbox), few cars were racing like The Fast and Furious? haha. almost got accident for every cars.

After sing K session, go on with the movie plan. Stood infront of the cinema with 15 over people feel like blocking the whole road already. and, The Fast and Furious 4 was the choice.

Went to Sushi King to have our late lunch and early dinner. Funny moments and laughters were in the air again.

Went into cinema and watched the movie.

Went back after that together with Hui Joo and Wei Chie in Yoon Hung's car.

then the gang that went out on that day went online straight after we reached home, some even not at home, regardless of tiredness. GREAT. lol

ok, that's it.

the post is done, I know, very quick.
I know, very insincere one. =p

(only used up 5 minutes to update this.)

will edit it if I have the mood. haha. kinda lazy.




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