Friday, May 8, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 5/08/2009 05:00:00 AM
Thursday 7.5.09

slept at 4am.woke up tiringly,almost half sleeping all the way to college.Pure Maths lecture isn't teaching, so I slept, but felt abit too cold and can't sleep,apparently. Ah Sok kept ask me to wake up and study.. don't want to let me sleep lor. then its Physics tutorial, and Applied Maths tutorial. and today got mood to do some Physics-like question. lol. I asked alot I know. =/ too stupid. thats why can't take Physics. after some considering, the 5 of us-Chai Liang, Lee San, Benjamin, Ah Sok and I decided to go to McDonald. so its JJ or MU? lol. haha. up to the driver then =) had some nice and funny moments with though sometimes we did have so-called "arguement".
Ah Sok been influenced by me,lol, and out of a sudden asked me to have McFlurry with her. why not? tell me why not?! haha. okok pai seh too high already..
Thanks alot for the treat!! Thank you Ah Sok~

I don't care, I wanna upload two similar

so we skipped Biology tutorial, as we already knew that we wouldn't be able to rush back. Listened to some WOW clips in Physics lecture. I don't even think Chai Liang and Ah Sok can concentrate as the 4 of us keep have chatters not even in the study mood. Chemistry lecture.. definitely in the sleepy mood, almost 4 of us. Applied Maths, left me, the others went back..

went to library and studied at the discussion room..our group was..very noisy. lol. really. XD
they were having all sorts of topic over there.haha. though its kinda noisy, but still I can still study. oh ya, some SN9J friends were there as well. lol. suddenly Ryan shouted "who's Siew Lee?" haha.

didn't know library was having some renovation so it was freaking warm outside the discussion room. and they're closing at 7pm because its holiday? idk. just feel kinda weird. anyway, we continued our "study section" to Cannes Tea House, where we've been here, in a whole big group last year. well we did study. at least I did some question though I were kinda tired. Yoon Hung, I gonna kill


ok not going use so much wtf..zzzz.




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