Monday, May 11, 2009

3 in a row

Posted by Siew Lee at 5/11/2009 04:47:00 PM
tell you what.
it was Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that I didn't stay at

Friday was KLCC. (this one no need update also can right? lol)
Saturday was.. you don't have to know. lol. (this one nothing to say
Sunday was Lee San's house and... (but this one have to update because I will get beat up by two fellas if I don't.XD)
Bukit Tinggi.

yes. I went to Lee San's house as early as 8am where I had my nice sweet dream at 4am due to some circumstances lol. k then Seow Yen was there as well and we chased Chai Liang out of the house. (how daring right? lol)
we talked, laughed, listened and more. lol. then I off-ed to Lee San's room to sleep. =p
Idk what the others do out there.
then then.. Lee San woke me up as she was too hungry and too hot and too thristy and can't wait to see her bf so we went to fetch Chai Liang and Tharma at hostel. while my ah sok need to go back for celebration.
okok. we got stucked at the hostel entrance because that stupid-fat-guard don't want to let us in. after trying to call our friends that are in hostel..still we gave
seriously too hot out there. i barely can see cloud and Lee San and I were tired of waiting the two guys.haha
had some time to discuss where to eat. drove to wangsa walk and parked the car and got down of the car and then get back to the car and drove to Madam Lim's. hahahaha. very very hot you know. =/
wasted like 20 mins to decide what to eat.
okok Madam Lim's was suprisingly full. guess was because Mother's day. AU2 was full as well.
I got to admit this. Lee San and Chai Liang were super duper high yesterday. thats why they came up with that plan.
Tharma was shocked I guess. I think he supposed that he wanted to study but he drag him along.pity. but don't too stress k.
I was too shock as well. lol
first it was waterfall. coz was freaking hot you know. from Ulu Langat to Desa Water park then to swimming pool. it was supposed to call off coz we don't know the road.
then suddenly Chai Liang suggested Bukit Tinggi. I was like.. not bad huh? haha. thought that there will be colder.
Chai Liang always swing his decision lol. but he was serious with this where he decided to go to supermarket and buy some stuff to go up. you know he was serious with money so when he decided to buy stuff it means that he's serious with the
okok. shopped at the supermarket awhile. back to my home. got stared from both of my sisters. hahaha. back to Lee San's home.
Bukit Tinggi here we go.
for ya information.. its the very time Chai Liang drive to Bukit Tinggi. very first time to go Bukit Tinggi as well. lol. though I went there before but it was like years ago and you don't expect me to know the road right. haha.
so we go on our own risk. but we reached there safely. though you know, in his car, with his skills, u have to be 200% alert.
k will stop here.

be continued...=)

*edited on 11/5/09*

bloody hell received damn lots of feedback saying this post is too freaking long so I just cancel it. the conclusion is WE WENT TO BUKIT TINGGI just within a minute decision.
because it was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaking hot. and wth over there also very hot. zzz
and AS exam is on wednesday. very wtf I know. hahaha.
omg damn rude. zzz. CK you la. xD

damn lazy ain't doing my missing




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