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Posted by Siew Lee at 5/03/2009 03:46:00 AM
30 April 2009
Remarkable end of April

Classes were as usual.Except for the fact that we went out to McD at 1pm, the peak period and got ourselves into a crowded shop. No, I didn't have my meal there, neither my McFlurry, 'coz my Ah Sok actually forced me to have Nasi Lemak and ice cream with her which I reluctant to do so but still can't beat her. lol. and yea,we were late for Chemistry lecture for 20 mins.

Try to figure what is Chai Liang trying to do..=p

then it was Applied Maths lecture.I have to admit that, I didn't listen to what teacher were teaching or I don't get what she was trying to say. anyway, doesn't make any difference. Jian Shen and Hao Ting were making havoc. lol. seriously, the whole clan at the right column, which is the SN9G gang were too noisy, I mean, the one at the top seats.

Hao Ting and Yoon Hung..I forgot what they were doing XD

hmmmm...... hahaha.

Jian Shen likes my bottle alot, hor? =D

obviously acting cool la...

Ok I know I fail.. keep wanna lol. haha.

What you doing? =.=

Ok mess with my hair.

wtf? =.=

was kinda tired and felt like going back home straight after 4pm.but I went to library with Yoon Hung, Jian Shen, Hao Ting, Cally and Hui Joo. had some time to find where was Hui Joo and headed to discussion room. well, you know, when nobody else is there, we conquer the place. XD

Seriously I do angry abit, but not the matter that you think. think a little more.

we basically were studying, except for some talks or laughs. but, when it was around 7.30pm, the 3 girls suddenly went online and the others right? haha. ok back to studies after that. but being distracted from some stuff. "stuff".haha. WHO IS THE ONE WHO STARTED TO TAKE PICTURES,MR.LAM JIAN SHEN! abit too

so everyone, except for Yoon Hung and Hui Joo, whom were still doing Maths, started taking pictures around until we were about to leave, at 9pm, the time where library has no one else besides us. very gay. =p

He said he wanna make the picture look like wedding photo but.... haha.

though he said this one make his head look big but he kinda like it.hmm..

I like this one. but not your mouth! adoi.

with Alvin.he's very photogenic I must say. =)

I don't have the other pictures that they took with me.=/

continue to camwhore with Jian Shen outside the library while waiting Yoon Hung to get his car. headed to Steven's corner to have dinner. While everyone was finishing their food, mine still hasn't arrive, and its just a God damn roti telur... =.= Chatted awhile and we're going off.

Reached home, rest awhile, bath and back to online. =)
Slept at 2 am.

After Hui Joo said the lighting effect is just nice for picture..

and the photo of the day..=p

though I was freaking tired but the day definitely worth it. =D




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