Sunday, May 3, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 5/03/2009 05:53:00 AM
1st May 2009
Better May

As I slept kinda late so I find myself a little hard to wake up this morning. But still being able to jump off from the bed as I have a feeling that the day will be
great. =) Prepared everything to overnight at Seow Yen's house and headed to LRT. Dropped off my younger sister there as she's going to work for 3 days. Have my stuff put at Seow Yen's house and I'm off to LRT. sorry to be late but I guess I'm still a little early to reach? hehe. Have some time to decide where to eat, as usual, and Pizza Hut for brunch. and its studies section after this. nothing much to elaborate. Its just that I'm sure the clock is fast! hahahah. 10 mins after 10 mins. lol. hmm? what else.. windy day.=p and when its time to have dinner, its again to decide where to eat. but not a bad dinner afterall.

Reached Ah Sok's house at about 9.30pm. Straight away being dragged down to chit chat before she "
let" me to have my bath. continue our talk after my bath and have the so-called porridge with me though it has more meat in it. Its like just meat, with little porridge. lol. She claimed that she finished the porridge but not the meat and I just have to eat up the "porridge". from the living hall to the room, we just talk and talk. lol. don't know why got so much to talk about. and Im thristy. haha. then she went online awhile and booo CK awhile and back to our pillow talk. basically its about talking la, she just don't want to let me sleep, even its 4am. somemore ask me to wake up to study. lol. I seriously wanna talk to her one, but I couldn't help, I just wanna close my eyes and sleep. haha.

If..ever there's no decreasing function, I think it would be perfect. but, its still perfect. =p Can it be a constant after increasing function? hmm..don't think too much.

as I said, it will be a great day, and it definitely is a great great day..=p





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