Monday, June 1, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 6/01/2009 05:02:00 AM

went to pavilion with sister to meet up with a long seen friend, Khai Loon.
ok I very tired now continue my story tomorrow as I walked almost 7 hours today with my
damn slipper where you know I know SO WELL to wear slipper =.=
whatever. am so freaking tired now
and pissed off..zz

why must we always argue for nothing?do you know that I always try to avoid that to hurts =/

ok this is NOT what I usually wear simply because I very lazy to dress up like this.=.= so when I wear nicely,if this is call nice, means I'm surely going out with my

thought of putting my pic only but I think I should put hers as well.hoho.thats my sis.
wth I fat already =.=

to be continued...

ok then before Khai Loon arrived we went around and shop first. and she said this shirt quite nice..but not really for me =p

so we went Wong Kok for lunch..



chatted alot..since its been almost 1 year we didn't meet..
basically just catch up with each others and gossip around..

me and him

after he went back we continued our window shopping..
and you know Pav is very big and we were
so its tea time.. =)

Godiva Chocolatier..

sis said this is quite famous but I have no idea but this place is quite nice.

so I ordered Milk Chocolate and she ordered Dark Chocolate..
*thumbs up*
every sip is worth the price..
wanting to try their hot chocolate drinks..

and ya I'm promoting..hehe. though was quite tired but I like the ambience.

ok simply posing 'coz the cup very cute =)

so continued shopping..

I kinda like this so do her..

and she likes to kiss me lol

and again..
ok I very tired ord lol

so you call this twins effect? hmm..

went back after that.
tiring day.




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