Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Posted by Siew Lee at 6/03/2009 03:29:00 AM
another day where I don't study and went out lepak for whole
went KDU and HELP, oops and IACT. haha
hmm I went for fun, as usual, coz none of them offer the courses that I
so its really buat kacau there.
p.s the manager for HELP is hilarious.
NZX@ Niu Ze Xui, Full House Cafe for lunch.. perhaps some of you had heard of it?
very famous cafe over there,particularly a new place.
photogenic place.
nice food
affordable price
make a trip there you guys perhaps? =)

headed to 1U after all those tiring course asking and stuff.
we thought of Connaught at first place, then its somewhere near Leisure Mall but it seems the traffic doesn't allows us to go there so we went 1U.
RM 1 parking. definitely wins all the other parking rates at KL. =p

Chatterbox, Hong Kong, the choice that I made. bad one.
wtfreaking cheese fried rice they serve. =.=

ok alot more to talk but not now.
still got the pending previous post.



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