Friday, July 24, 2009

ask me

Posted by Siew Lee at 7/24/2009 04:20:00 AM
I've always seen people that has that "click" with the others
which, I had and have this with some people as well

it doesn't really need you to explain, say, voice or tell
and the other can get it
somehow its quite amazing how this works
but it does works

of course this doesn't really happen purely by chance or fate
it requires understanding and more of each other
it sometimes, needs some guessing

most of the time, if there's this "click", most probably the guessing will be correct
well, you wouldn't know that you will be enlightened just because someone does reads your minds

but,how,how if the "click" isn't there
how..if guessing isn't bringing you the right way
and maybe, bringing you to the worst part

do you stop guessing, and ask?
regardless of the understanding of each other

do you make it clear when you want it, or you don't?

does it means that, if you're asking but not guessing, that you don't understand the other?

maybe, its just we don't wanna get it wrong, or make it worsen..
maybe, its just we wanna be sure that what we think what it will be is really what it is..
its just, always for a better one

so if you find oneself one day couldn't really get the "click"
just try
and try
and if you still can't
then ask

its no harm asking




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