Thursday, July 23, 2009

the trust that I have

Posted by Siew Lee at 7/23/2009 06:24:00 AM
Is the quantity of time spent together more important?
or is that the quality of time spent more important..?

which one do you think?

it doesn't really matter for those that has strong basic of their relationships
to have just little time spent together
but the time spent is of the quality
and its almost equivalent to the amount of time spent for those that doesn't has a strong base of their relationships

its just the reassurance that,
more time spent together so that both can be sure of what each other is up to
both can be sure that, the other partner is "still there"
its the sense of security
thus more time is spent, and most of the time both are almost inseparable

is this the matter of choosing?

do you choose to have more time spent together regardless of the quality?
do you choose to have less time spent but its the quality that matters?

when one is spending less time with the other one
a bigger chance is that, they're not updated to what each other is up to
thus, many and many could happen
just because of not knowing
fades days by days

its the trust that you have on the other
that determines which option you could stand on

I somehow believe that
if there's strong basic of a relationship
and there's trust
of having less time spent together
is not a big problem

which, most, failed to do so.

a piece of my mind,
out of a sudden,
where I'm supposed to revise for pure maths =p




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