Wednesday, July 22, 2009

up and down

Posted by Siew Lee at 7/22/2009 07:20:00 AM
Its another Friday where we had only 2 practical classes.
Supposingly its another usual Friday where I will be having my violin class but teacher has a performance which I planned to watch but failed, so today's class is canceled.
and its Yoon Hung's birthday, the gang planned to celebrate with him, of course.
as I wasn't really know they have this plan so its kind of last minute decision for me to join them.
oh suprisingly, Yoon Hung came, after days of resting for his eyes viral infection.
the plan goes on, Pizza Hut for our lunch.
had some time drag here and there in college and while ordering at Pizza Hut.
Jian Shen keep scaring Yoon Hung with *ahem-you-know-what-it-is* and make it sounds so suspicious and Yoon Hung is
well then we have birthday cake cutting session.. the birthday boy is hell good in cutting the cake. make it so perfectly nice. but everyone was very full due to the pizza and was having lots of problems in finishing the cake..
so, they have this, "small lil game" with the birthday boy..
basically just wanna get his face full with cake. lol
then, it was 4pm I guess, where they decided to catch a show.
and realised that Yoon Hung's car has some problem with it..which drag us quite some time here as well..
so hmm, Alvin, Ching Jia, Pui Wen, Hazel and I went first to Kepong, and the rest who followed Yoon Hung's car came later.
Alvin and Ching Jia bought Harry Potter for themselves, and us, bought Ice Age 3.
6pm show.
they came relatively on time. speeding on the way? haha. no idea.
well, hmm, for me this show is kinda overrated for me, but they think its quite funny.
I find it quite ok, but its just ok, not too hilarious, but I enjoyed.
archade session after that.
since its Yoon Hung's birthday so I guess we gonna make him as enjoyable as possible? haha.
they played, hmm, basketball, car racing, foosball, and more..
oh and then its dinner time so we went back to Old Town, Genting Klang..
Hazel went back first with her
hmm not much thing really, (or basically I forgot what happened >.<)
chit-chatted with Pui Wen..
I think I reached home around..11.30pm..
though I was really tired 'coz..hmm I think I sleep late the day before.. but still managed to online for awhile and fall asleep (infront of pc, which is so rare)..

ok la I seriously can't remember much what we did that day
as for me, those kept are memories, moments and feelings..not what we did. lol

Thanks for the invite..
I had great time talking with you guys after so long..
and never hang out like this for long as well..
I shall join again,
if I have the chance to..




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