Monday, August 17, 2009

they stayed

Posted by Siew Lee at 8/17/2009 04:07:00 AM
G.I. Joe and The Proposal
to be frank, I just love to watch movies in the cinema, I don't know why.
well I just wish to have some fun, maybe a little will do, by watching two movies today.
the former one was not bad, action movie, not much storyline to be elaborated, handsome guys and hot girls, nanotechnology, and some crazy scientists.
the latter one which I heard alot of good reviews about it, and it turned out to be quite overrated for me. its just purely my opinion. its a comedy, I must say, but er, I don't laugh most of the time that I think I should laugh. well my sister did enjoyed laughing. storyline was.. hmm, quite lacking of what it seems to be having in a romance movie.
these two don't seems to entertain me much. lol.

one thing is, I love to go out with my sis. =) too bad my younger sis couldn't join..

things happened, and they will never disappear.
its just like those cracks on the wall, how much you try to recover it to the original ones, they will never be like one because there will be scars, and they are no longer how they are.
we chose to forget, chose to ignore it and chose to erase it, but they're still there, always existing.
for things that happened, they stayed, deep down in a corner of my heart.
I can choose to forgive it, but I can never forget it.




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