Friday, August 7, 2009

warm warm =)

Posted by Siew Lee at 8/07/2009 01:30:00 AM
I've been having many activities recently.. but didn't post it up as I was quite reluctant to do so at the first place, secondly I feel kind of "stress"? I don't know how to describe the feeling but it was a feeling where I wish to switch off everything besides having relaxation.but overall I enjoyed all the events and happenings that I've been involved. =)

Besides the gathering which I had at KLCC, Yoon Hung has invited most of us to have steamboat at his house. at first I couldn't make it 'coz I got no transport but thanks to Jasmine/Wei Yuan and Bro/Mei Mei/YH who made effort to send me. oh thanks to bear bear as well 'coz he's the one who drove me at last.hehe =p

so after the gathering at KLCC, I teman-ed Swee Ying for about 20 minutes while waiting for her father's arrival..talked alot about our recent life..=)

waited at Wangsa Maju then drove to hostel to wait for the 2 guys. slept in the car with the bloster..lalala~~ nice le nice to hug! =p

a lot of waiting before we actually had our steamboat.. at TARC.. at his condo..
but the feeling was nice though I don't eat a lot besides meat balls! =p

too bad we didn't have the chance to play besides swimming pool but nevermind there's many things waiting us out there..I believe.

but still we had quite some fun, especially the "special" show. lol. shhhhh..secret!

then bear bear drove me back at 11pm..

thanks again people =)

in the car..hehe


aiyoyo so sweet.. =p


Alvin with the fan.. don't kill me >.<

Wei with JIAN SHEN AH UR HAND!! (trying to make everyone knows that its you =p)




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