Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flying the kite

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/14/2010 02:26:00 AM
Let us back to my unwritten post. =( nah..nothing to be sad about.. I'll just try to squeeze out whatever that I can still remember off my mind.. not much, I guess. xD

Apparently I forgot how this whole conversation came about, but deep down in my memory, I remembered ah sok sms-ed me asking me to go fly kite.. I was still half asleep half awake.. and for sure I can't remember what did I replied her.. but after some dragging or what, we finally made it. This was like, a success one after so many times we said we wanna go to fly kite.

Without much hesitation, I woke up and getting prepared for things.(nothing to be prepared actually xD) While ah sok, lame queen and cl were busy for the kite since they're going to bring theirs there. I don't have any, so that makes up for why I don't have anything to prepare. tee-hee.

It was late in the evening where they showed up in front of my house. I guess it was about 5.30pm. The weather wasn't good enough I would say. It was cloudy and its obviously that its going to rain, in any time. Still, we didn't cancel our plan, we went straight to the.. don't know what park at Kepong, famous for this activity and others like playgrounds. You can't miss this if you're driving at MRR2 towards Kepong.

We get down of the car, and it started drizzling. Well, we thought of heading back, but it was just some really tiny drops. Most that were still at the field went back, except for us and few others.

It was my very first time to fly a kite. I'm serious. Being a city-girl, lol, it should be normal that I did not play before and thus not knowing how to fly the kite. haha.

Luckily the 3 of them played before. So ah sok took out her kite, there was two, but one was without the thread I guess, so only one is usable. It was a rather big one. Well, at first the wind isn't really big enough to fly the kite, so ah sok need my help to hold the thread while she was running. But I was of not helpful, haha. I couldn't remembered how she finally could fly the kite. Pro. =p

far far away when she finally did it

coming closer..as you could see, its pretty empty there..being the peak time, in the evening..

On the other hand, cl and ls were experimenting their handmade kite. I only remember one was a success, but soon drop due to wind factor. One thing I do not like to play at this time was because, you will get really sticky because of the going-to-rain weather.

We stayed there for a rather short time. Later then there was thunder and we quickly pack our things and go back. FYI, its very dangerous to be at an open area when the thunder strikes, ya know what will happen. Be safe. :D

3 of us..

with the kite..

cl helped us to take this.. with ls holding his tiger-handmade-kite..

Before we head back, we went to Xiao Dong Fang@GK to have some meal, we were all tired despite low energy output. Nothing to shout about the food there, cheaper I would say compared to the other shops in the same area.

First outing with them after our last paper..
A not so long kiting experience, not much that I've enjoyed but definitely a memory. :)



Melvin Goh on November 23, 2010 at 3:02 AM said...

walao fly kite no call me la...like tat la.....sad jor T>T

Siew Lee said...

next time call you la ok >.< dun sad jorrrr


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