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BookFest@Malaysia is back!

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7/9/2010 & 9/9/2010
5th Anniversary- Reading Embraces the World

Phewwwwwwww.. finally I'm back to my recent life blog post.. not feeling so outdated anymore (for this moment only xD)
So as what I know, its the holiday week for most people out there, and hence, Bookfest@Malaysia 2010 was held on 4/9/2010-12/9/2010 at KL Convention Centre as usual, from 10am to 10pm. Well for those that haven't pay a visit by the time you're looking at my post, you still have 2 days to do so. ;)
Entrance is free for aged 18 years old and below. RM2 and a BookFest Catalogue will be given to you for those not qualified for the FOC entrance, eg me. Although it did came across my mind to pretend as one, but I was going at 10am and I reckon that they'll check on my IC. duh, forget about it! and I wanted that guide book as well so that I can know which books are on special price and so forth. Its very useful when you're planning to buy books and not just for the sake of "visiting", "crowd" and "read for free". =D

The first day that I went for book fest was on Tuesday. Before that I went to Guardian to look for feminine hygiene products. (ermm, you do not need to know about this, haha! but I bet many out there, esp Malaysian females do not care about this). Then, proceed to the book fest. 10am sharp that I went in. Many would choose to enter from Hall 5, instead I will go for Hall 1 first. Hall 1 and Hall 2 were exhibitor for Chinese books, from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Normally, Hall 1 and 2 would not be that crowded compared to Hall 4 and 5 except for the Child's book area. No photos that have been taken to show here, I forgot. :p
There was a main stage for talks at Hall 1. 11am was a talk from 小江, talking about his new book and views on men and women. kinda interested. I think his book title is 男人的秘密,女人勿看. There was plenty of seats since it was pretty early and not much people know about him there was not not much of crowd. I was there partly to rest myself for awhile. hehe.
Later then the crowd started to come in and it was pretty uneasy to move around that freely. As its a Book Fest, I think, its impossible for you to read or browse through each and every book that you're interested in, unless you're not book-lovers or just don't have much books that you're interested in. I myself find it hard to grab every single books that I'm interested in to view, not to mention to buy it and get the most out of it (its just too much!).

colour of the day..purple..

Later on, my dear came to find me, and my body is telling me, its time to get some rest. It was about 2pm, and I was still halfway at Hall 2. tee-hee. We both went to food court for our lunch, dear ordered Alfredo Spaghetti for me and Claypot Pan Mee for himself. (turn out that I ate his and he ate mine =p)

my lunch..opps.. I mean his. I forgot to take his(mine) lunch..

Rest for awhile and we were back to Book Fest. He wanted to buy me a bottle that's why he was there. Still, I dragged him around to show him my books-buying-list. haha! Surprisingly we have same taste on books. (is this the word to describe it?)
Until it was about 5pm, then we went out and had a BK cone and rest ourselves. Then, headed back home. (Some funny moments inside the train..well..leave it to us lol)
Tired but satisfied! Gotta sort out my buying list and head back to Book Fest again! :D

very useful one..

I bought this.. on Weekday Specials for RM19.90.. still yet to read..

my bottle.. 2@RM20..Weekday Specials as well..he has the same one :)

The list that I've made.. a total of 53 books! O.O

On Thursday, I was supposed to be prepared at 8.30am, and turned out, woken by dad at 8.30am. dang! I was superb late. Rushed and get out at 8.50am.. Breakfast with my parents at KLCC 4th floor food court, 3 sets of Roti set which consists of a cup of tea/coffee, 2 slices of Roti Bakar with Kaya and butter, and 2 half-boiled eggs at only RM4.50. Extra order by mom, a slice of Roti Canai@RM1.20 and another Chicken Porridge set@RM4.50/set. Breakfast set is only from 8am to 10am. Don't worry if you do not know which stall it is, because there will be queue everytime I visit there and its the only stall serving the breakfast set. :)
My dad and I went to Cyberjaya to fetch my kns sis as she's having her mid-sem break, which means I'm going to see her for a week. Owhhhh... =p
It was about 11pm that we're back to KLCC and went to Book Fest as well. The crowd on this day was alot more compared to Tuesday, though Tuesday was crowded as well, but not the long queues we saw at cashier at Hall 4 on this day.

colour of the camouflage with my shirt.. ;)

I was asking my sister to choose books for me, though we both have our liking, but its more likely that if she feels that book is boring, I feel the same. :D Owh and her job of the day was, to take care of the baskets! haha! Why they do not have trolley for us? I saw people having that on Tuesday. (maybe its personal ones)
I was having real dilemma to choose which book to buy when its time to pay. Dang! It was real hard to choose! I really hope dear was with me to choose. =/ 'coz even my sis wish to own them all!

the 2 baskets that we were carrying around..They were people who tried to steal our baskets! haha! funny enough when my sis told me about this.. XD

It was 2pm that we finally make our way to have lunch at Mayking,Jalan Pudu famous for their Lum Mee and handmade fish balls.. Super hungry by that time. I don't know why, but everytime if I walk at crowded place, I feel tired and hungry more easily. So, don't go out on weekends, especially public holidays. haha!

Lum Mee- dad, Chicken Hor Fun- mine, Curry Mee- sis.. fish ball@ RM 1 per piece

Unwrapped the plastic begs(so not eco-friendly, they should give recycled bag for free when you purchase RM100& above..sigh) and start taking photos! haha!

3 stacks..

The 10 books that we bought.. not enough!

bills.. quite cheap though..compared to normal selling price..

Abit off topic here.. later that I went to nap after some chit chat with my sis.. I was having this strange "Inception" movie-alike dream.. where I've been waken up for at least 3 times? and finally back to reality..
and today I'm having it as well.. this time I still remember in the movie, that they said you need to drop yourself in order to wake up from the dream, and I tried that, in my dreams, and I woke up from the don't know how many levels of dream, but still not waken, yet, to the real life.

think too much, perhaps..




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