Monday, December 10, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2012

Posted by Siew Lee at 12/10/2012 10:10:00 PM

I came across this Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Facebook the other day and I had no idea what it is about but the 63hours non-stop sale caught my attention. 

I have always loved to go to book fest, book fair or book sale be it in KLCC Convention Centre or The Mines. But one thing that might scare you from going one is that it is always crowded just like PC Fair. Ok I exaggerated but it is comparable, you get the picture. 

So this book sale made me really wanted to go as I could choose to go at night, midnight or early morning to avoid the crowd. 

Without further ado I went at 10 at night on the first day itself. I was a little worried whether it would be crowded as 10pm was still quite young for a Friday night. As soon as I said this, I saw a huge line going into The Mines Convention Centre parking. But as soon as my worry came my boyfie turned into the parking lot for The Mines and we found parking in just less than 10 minutes (or lesser)! Lol smart him. But people its not just you have to queue before the parking, there was a loooooooooong jam after sungai besi tol too. 

If I wasn't mistaken the bridge to MIECC was on the same floor as the main entrance and right next to F.O.S. and Nichii. (boyfie directed me so I just followed lol)

And this was what I saw in front of the book sale entrance

What a cute kid!
We were greeted by the staff on the entrance, even at 10pm! that was quite surprising.

dialogue: OMG OMG Look what I've found! (lol)
So this was the overview of the place if you haven't been there before. This place looked quite different from last time (which was quite some years ago) but yea it isn't that spacious compared to KLCC Convention Centre.

some really interesting warnings in the hall

I like this!
There were books from wide range of genre including design, business, personal, romance, young adults, children and picture books. LOTS of book.

Sadly to say there was close to none Chinese books :/ 

But probably a very good news to people out there that enjoy reading English books.

My Uni spotted! :D

for food lovers, there you go. LOTS of Jamie Oliver's books on SALE. REAL affordable.

Another really special thing about this book sale is that you could bring your own trolleys. yes you read it right, I mean trolley. ANY type. Luggage, trolley for goods, boxes, and even baby carriages!
Well of course if you don't bother bringing one, they provide LOTS of boxes for you in the hall to grab one and fill all your books.
And if you're like me who just enjoy walking in a book fair, this World's Biggest Book Sale could be another past time for you. The book sale is until 23 Dec 2012, opening from 9am to 9pm.

that cute child inside the luggage!!
Lines weren't that bad given that it was probably close to midnight already.

Boxes of book ready to carry home!
It was a rather interesting book sale I would say. Even without any buying in my thought I spent almost one and a half hour in the book sale. 



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