Friday, April 4, 2008

Working, again. =)

Posted by Siew Lee at 4/04/2008 03:41:00 AM
Well, many would like to ask "What are you currently doing? Studying? Working? "

"No la. Just resigned."

For your information, I resigned from my last job for more than 1 month already.

What I did within this period?

Good question.

I wake up every afternoon (not morning), read newspaper, eat, watch tv, bath, eat, watch tv, online and sleep again.

You did it for the past 1 month?

Yeah. =(

So now, I am working at TARC as a temporary assistant.

=.='' For what?

1st, I want to earn money. $$
2nd, I want to experience how office work should be.
3rd, I really got nothing to do.

So, don't be so suprise that you see me at TARC.

How's work?


Imagine you keep stamping the postal order and verification card for 1000++.


Keying data into the computer for 1000++ students.

You will get so tired because these 2 simple tasks.

Especially your right shoulder and right arm.

Only one side of my hand muscles getting so pain.

I asked to my colleague, "Why this batch got so many students?"

"If not how to pay you, and that's the reason you are here. :D"


April fool. duh. Im not used to fool people around.

Just got fooled by 2 friends, Ooi Tong and Seow Yen.

Did the other friends fool me as well?

Hope no.

Good night! XD



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