Sunday, April 13, 2008


Posted by Siew Lee at 4/13/2008 03:52:00 AM
When it was 10pm, I was as usual switching on my computer and begin my "night life".

Then, I feel there's something wrong with my computer, where everything I type will be in capital letters. But the weird part is, the numbers will also appeared to be those symbols which is so unusual.

So, I decided to restart my computer.

Damn. CTRL + ALT + DELETE cannot works. The button at start for restart also the same

So, I shut down the computer.




Beh tahan liao. I leave the computer to "rest" for a while then only try to on back.


Why still cannot one?


My younger sister was back. And I was complaining to both of my sisters, impatiently.


"Is it possible because of the Shift button"

"I don't know oh..."

"Noh.. ok liao..."

Chiu... just because of the Shift button.. I waited for 1 hour. >.<"

Then.. I thought can online happily..

Who knows.. suddenly, no connectivity is detected! =.=''

WTH.. Why treat me like this?


This is just a crap post, to show you how frustrated that I felt and how good is my arts of crapping!

Thank you for reading and sorry for wasting your time. XD


p/s: after reading Zheng Xiang's blog, I truly feel that he's a good writer and a good friend. XD



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