Saturday, April 12, 2008


Posted by Siew Lee at 4/12/2008 05:37:00 AM
This is only what I can say,


For those who don't know Chinese, sorry la.

Thank you to those who have been answering my questions regarding A levels or colleges.

Thank you Kah Wai, Fui Yen, Ka Wah, Zheng Xiang, Seow Yen, Qi Kit, Kian Nam, Frankie and Jing Rong.

Thanks to my sis for forcing me to Taylor's. XD

Thanks to whoever I didn't mentioned your name above.

Specially thanks to Kah Wai, because I really really really get many help from him. Oh ya, and your shoulder! hehe.

Specially thanks to Jing Rong, although only once I asked her the question, but I truly get lots help from her.

Specially thanks to Fui Yen, because not that close with her, but still willing to tell me more about TARC A levels.

Specially thanks to Ka Wah, for helping me around about A levels and Taylor's.

Specially thanks to Yue Fen, for not letting me alone at TARC and accompany me.

And more.

Thanks to Keat for letting me zat. XD

Thanks to those who chat with me.

Thanks to those blogger who blog and let me spend time reading your blog, especially Ooi Tong. XD

Thanks to Yuen Nee and Yuek Che for letting me to think something out of A levels.

Thanks to Sam for letting me to ask you those "love" questions after not more than 10 times chat.

Thanks to Cao Ge and Aska Yang for singing those nice songs.

Haha. XD



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