Sunday, April 20, 2008

PIKOM PC Fair, 2008

Posted by Siew Lee at 4/20/2008 04:18:00 AM
Okay okay, Im writing my new post now. Stop nagging.

I scare my friends will come and complain to me that, why am I keep asking them to update their blog but I didn't do that. But the thing is, they didn't do this to me, is just that, the world taught me to be abit perasan, just abit. haha!

So, it's the PIKOM PC Fair. And as usual, it's my sis and I.

I was supposed to buy a laptop, mp3, pen drive and webcam.

However, the laptop which supposed to be "present" to study at Taylor's turn out to be a "dream" in my heart.

MP3 which I supposed to buy, but I didn't, 'coz I didn't bring enough money. XD

But I bought a 4GB Kingston pen drive and a cheap palak webcam. haha.

At first I thought my pen drive is quite nice, but after viewing Joshua's blog, only I know what's considered a nice one. envy la.

My pc usb cable damn longgar. HAIHZ!

Then, went dinner at Kim Gary with Zheng Xiang's family.

His mother is so funny. Zheng Xiang seems to be very close to his mom.

Even though his mother wanted to send us back, but we rejected her kindness.

Hang around then went to 4th floor food court and..

Write my papa's birthday card there!

And... take pictures!


Everything is alright at my working place. My colleagues are nice. The work loads are lot.

Yeah. Finally I'm at the counter. Haha. too excited to learn new things.

But, yeah, Im still the careless me.

Sometimes typing error, sometimes give wrong receipt, sometimes key wrong amount..


Biasa la.

I'm always blur blur one. XD


Happy Birthday to my Papa, 19th of April.



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