Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sad? Blur? Uncertain? I don't know.

Posted by Siew Lee at 4/12/2008 05:27:00 AM
If you really read my blog, and did chat to me this few days, perhaps, few weeks, you will actually know that I have something very difficult in mind. Yeah, no doubt, about my studies.

And if you really understand, experienced and felt the feeling before, you will know my current situation. So helpless, like the person aiming no way in my imagination, walking rather running here and there, sobbing over to just get rid of this.

I don't know what' so sad of this, to choose the college. But I just do. Emo girl. Whatever it is, this is my 3rd post today. I just wanna type whatever I feel, which I may not have it next time. Even it's not something supposed to be recorded down, but I just want to do so!

After reading JR blog, Im getting more sad. I don't know why. Maybe it's something I felt before, so I am actually hurting my old pain. Duh.

Don't listen to sad songs when you're in mood like this. I don't understand why Kah Wai will tune to sad songs when he was emo-ing. Now, I truly understand. You will just switch to Cao Ge, or Aska Yang. So that you will feel more sad!



Yvonne on April 12, 2008 at 5:42 AM said...

Aiyo... I didn't mean to let u hurt back one... T_T... forgive meh pls! T_T... haihz... it's because... well... u asked mah XD... but then shouldn't blabber to people de... very sad sighs...


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