Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rainy day

Posted by Siew Lee at 4/22/2008 03:07:00 AM
Today was so tired when I went to work.

From 8.00am to 5.30pm I kept nagging that I feel tired...

So, Im still at my counter, facing some scholars holder but the so-called smart students didn't get respect from me especially with their sour face and "good" manners where you really think that after I issued you the receipt and help you out with everything and not even a "thank you" ?

Smart? So what? Don't expect that I will salute you.

You don't show out ur good manners because Im just a "small" staff at Bursary or do you think that you don't have to say thank you to someone who is younger than you?

Both thinking are definitely wrong.

Well, some parents are just rude, even with the fluency spoken English which I thought they will be highly educated turn out to be such a good manner.

Do you think if you are going to ask me to borrow a pen to you, but there's not even an asking.

Just take it while it's just on the counter's table?

And, I found out that, more boys speak thank you to me than girls do.

And, I especially look down on those CAL scholars holder who show out this kind of manners.

If you think Im offending you, yes, I am! I am specially referring to those people who did this to me.


I got OT for 1 hour today. Even it's 1 hour, but I didn't actually do much.

Wow.. heavy rain. How to go back leh ?

Waited at Canteen 2 at 5.30pm for my sis to come, since I don't know what time she'll be there, so I just keep waiting.

OMG! Heavy + heavy rain... Mana dia ?

Sure traffic jam one.. She sure go somewhere else lepak until forget time

So heavy rain leh. I think I should go back home first.... If later she hasn't show up then how? I think...

Ok ok, I wait for another 10 mins. If she still hasn't show up then I will go back first, since the rain isn't that heavy now.

After that....
Of course she came la. I know she and ckt went out so I also very pai seh want ask them why so late or what. Im "bun" only, not "bulb". XD

Go back home and sleep la.

In response to my da jie:
Im not "stupiak" bun ! Sei gai bei~ ^^



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