Saturday, April 12, 2008

So hard

Posted by Siew Lee at 4/12/2008 04:20:00 AM
It's really so hard la..

Don't say Im very indecisive or what, the fact is, it's really hard to make this decision.

After I asking around my friends, even some seniors, both like saying 50-50 to TARC and Taylor's.

Some say, A levels, you need to work hard on your own, however lecturers are important as well.

Then they said, TARC lecturers are not bad actually.

So why still ask me go Taylor's ?

Good lecturers and better facilities?

TARC got sports complex with swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court and gym.

How about Taylor's?

So what do you mean by the better facilities?

Perhaps the computer lab?

Perhaps the lecture's hall?

Perhaps the lab?

Perhaps the class room?

I don't know, and no one tells me about that.

Some say, if you go Taylor's, you get freedom, staying outside.

Then, you have to pay those high cost of living.

Some say, TARC almost all Chinese woh. Then how's their English level?

Taylor's not alot Chinese lah.

That's actually very true. But, not to say their lecturers are using Chinese during lecture, no such thing.

Some say, it's just A levels, and you are getting same cert from CIE even which colleges u go for GCE A levels. So, why you wanna spend so much to Taylor's?

Some say, not so confident with TARC woh.

Some say, go Taylor's to get more input, from the lecturers I guess.

I don't know how's both colleges lecturers, I just heard from what others said.

For me, if I choose Taylor's, I must bare the peer pressure, as what Jing Rong told me.

Yeah. Those thing like, "You go there results must be very good, at least 3As la."

If not, they will think like you waste money go there not for study.

One more thing is, Taylor's is famous for it's Pre-U course, so, all those smart students appear to be there.

It's so stress to face with them, actually.


Not about tuition fees, how about cost of living?

Food? Accomodation? It's killing me.

JR said, Taylor's has more reputation than TARC, which most people think.

So, most people think = the truth?

According to Taylor's representative from Pre-U department, from 700 students, 70 of them got straight As.

Of course it's alot compared to TARC.

But, it's just 10% out of 700 students.

Ooi Tong said, why don't you spend your money to enjoy your Uni life at London instead of spending RM24k at Taylors for just 1.5 years?

Somemore he said,go to Taylor's to meet stylist people, so-called high-class people.

Yeah, JR also mentioned about it.

I actually quite scare, to meet people that's probably one class higher. haha.


I admit that I would put Taylor's as one of my choice apart from the popularity in Pre-U course, because, I would like to experience the life at there.

In contrast, I feel so scare, for meeting people from different life style.

JR said, Taylor's is like the "Yin De College" in Meteor Garden. Where all rich students study, and I will be Shan Chai. XD

I can actually feel that, I could not give up Taylor's, just because I want to experience the lifestyle. But the reality always keep my away from reaching there. I am so suffer. I don't mean to say I don't like TARC, in fact I like the environment. But, I just couldn't tell myself that, I am not going to Taylor's.
Maybe, maybe I just need some time, to say goodbye to Taylor's.


Yvonne on April 12, 2008 at 5:06 AM said...

Hey, why not you try go to the temple and ask? Maybe they can give you a more clear direction leh?! XD.


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