Sunday, June 1, 2008

College Life

Posted by Siew Lee at 6/01/2008 04:29:00 AM
Everyone was asking me about my college life, so, I tell you now, it's fun! haha

Lots of fun and it's more enjoy than secondary school life, definitely.

And everyone was asking me about TARC,so, I also tell you now, and the answer is still fun! haha

I like this college, seriously. The people, the environment and more.

Well, for me, it's very simple to judge a college, it's just whether nice or not nice.

TARC= nice. haha.

Do you agree with me, TARCian out there? XD

Mei Mei is the class rep for SN9G, and Wooi Liang is the assistant.

They are pushing Wei Jia to become the treasurer. haha.

Still not really mixing up with the classmates.

But I do know some of them like, Tharma, Mei Mei, Darshini, Jasmine, Christina, Jordan, Wei Jia, Cester, and some don't know what name. *beat myself up*

Not to mention 2 of them which I already know, Seow Yen and Wooi Liang.

I think.. I gonna enjoy my college life at TARC. hehe.


Yvonne on June 1, 2008 at 11:26 PM said...

Ex-TARCian say: "TarC=not nice".


*later got beat up by the large amount of TarCian*

Seow Yen also there?? The seow yen from titiwangsa right?

Siew Lee on June 2, 2008 at 1:06 AM said...

lol. u purposely wanna bankang my post one is it? XD
Ya.. Titiwangsa Seow Yen.


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