Sunday, June 1, 2008


Posted by Siew Lee at 6/01/2008 04:24:00 AM
Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang~~

I finally going to start my college life!

For those that still don't know, I am currently studying my A-levels (Science) at TARC.


12th May 2008 is the first day of my college life, the first day Im stepping into the college as a TARCian, the first time I sit at DK B, the first day I call myself as a college student, and many many first which I am lazy to mention.

Actually la, today got nothing much to mention. XD Just some boring briefing + talks on our subjects. Very very boring.

13th May 2008
The second day of Orientation
I expect today to be more fun than yesterday, and yeah, it did. XD

We have the briefing by societies, SAD and counselling.

Then, we have the so-called campus tour by our leng luis and leng zais seniors. *don't fly too high okay, Zheng Xiang*

Seow Yen and her friend, Martha planned to zao lou when they are having the tour.

I am supposed to be at Group 26. BUT, hehe, 3 of us later "jump" into Group 22.

Okay la, our team leaders are the two super leng zai Mah and Ryan. (must praise abit la of course)

At first hor, the group like belum eat lunch only.

But, you know me de la, I get to know Yvonne. She's a friendly and active girl.

The weather was freaking hot and everyone beh tahan liao. Luckily our next station come to Canteen 2.

The game is like this one, the first person have to memorise one paragraph of text then you have to pass pass pass till the last person, then you have to say it out.

Phew, I am bad in memorising.

But, the text is about food ordering. My face turned like, 0_0, and said " I think I can memorise this."

Don't look down at me okay, how also I got work as waitress before. XD

At last, okay la, the game master said I did a good job.^^

Next station at basketball court, where we get to know each other better 'coz the game master want us to introduce ourselves before we start the game.

Then proceed to football field, college hall, SSSH, Sports complex, DK X/ DK Y, Block M, PA Block and finally, everyone exhausted already, so we didn't manage to finish the last 2 games I guess then go back.

Well, I was very tired that time, somehow I still hope to finish the games but no choice if everyone is giving up.

I love games! XD

Ooh ya. Not forget to mention, Group 22 keep wining and keep punish the other group until don't know what to punish already. =)

Im not showing off, just abit. haha.

Tomorrow start class. cheers.


Yvonne on June 1, 2008 at 11:29 PM said...

=o= another yvonne XD~


Siew Lee on June 2, 2008 at 1:03 AM said...

hahaa. yeah..
Luckily she's not Aquarius,
if not next time cannot say
"Noh.. the Yvonne, Aquarius one.."


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