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Yue Liang's Birthday

Posted by Siew Lee at 6/06/2008 03:16:00 AM
Okay guys.. I know I know.. But hor, today I am going to write about my best friend, Yue Fen's birthday outgoing at Pavilion, not those posts that I promised I going to write. Don't beat me up kay? XD

Yue Liang= Yue Fen

You might wonder, why is her name Yue Liang @ moon, actually... I also forgot why. >.<>la, we actually discuss alot for her birthday outgoing, got plan A, plan B and plan C and bla bla bla.Quite struggle also when trying to decide.

We decided to watch movie + eat + walk walk at Pavilion today.

At first....
I thought....
Their class... will end at around 11am.
Manatau, their class ended at 10 something.

And.. I only go out from my house at 11am.
Sorry la! Im not slow, it's just that I need some time... haha. (excuse excuse, don't believe her!)

Oh ya. Only 3 of us are going to Pavilion. 3 "Oh My Love"= Yue Liang, Xin Ying, me
We will be meeting at KLCC first, only walk to Pavilion.
Quite near one, BUT, if the weather is very very very de hot, I tell you, you will melt loh.
Okay, after I reached KLCC, I went to Isetan and Parkson before I actually meet both of them.
SORRY again.

So, ya, they are hungry.. no no! We are hungry!
Time for some food..
Then, since today is Yue Liang's big day, so I let her decide where to eat.
And.. since first time to Pavilion, she don't know.
Targeted--> Directory board

We stand there for like.. 5 minutes I guess.
They still don't know what to eat.
Somemore go count number and see which restaurant to eat.

Beh tahan liao la. So I say lo, go "Tony Roma's ? Something like Chilis one..."
Sambil say sambil go down the escalator to the floor of heaven. XD (food la what else)

Then, see see the set lunch quite nice. So we go and have a try.

Tony Roma's. Set Lunch menu.

Interior. Quite dark actually.

The light that lead us to our food. haha.

Cranberries juice. Honestly speaking, like plain water only.

Okay, the birthday girl. I bet she don't know I have this pic! haha.

Soup of the day- Beef and Veggie soup. For your information, I don't eat beef. So this soup of course let both of them gao tim! XD

It looks pretty nice, so sad can see cannot touch.

The biscuit that come with the soup.

The bread. Tasteless one.(of course) Must eat together with the don't know what sauce.

The don't know what sauce. haha

Server for our table, his name is Boy. A very funny and friendly guy. Oh, he talks Mandarin even he's not Chinese.XD

Marinated Chicken Grill

The chicken and the fries

The coleslaw.

Group photo. XD

After that, we headed to GSC cinema, to get our tickets for the show, Iron Man, at 2.40pm.
I queued up at the reservation counter.
But, I get to know that my reservation number is expired.
Owh well, means, I need to queue up la.
But the girl at the counter very very de nice, she said I can buy at there. XD
Then, I bought at student's price, which means rm 8 la, so once again, she asked for my student ID card.
Then she said " How many students?"
I answered " 3.. but my friends not yet come.."
Then hor, I thought she gonna say "kenot la.. 3 person also must show ID only can..."
Who knows, she like "da an sek", means, giving hints to me that it's okay without the ID card proof.
So I quickly pay her and smile back at her (big smile okay) and say thank you.

When we were trying to go in, the fella (oh.. no no, cannot call people like this), okok, that guy at the counter said the room we are going to enter not yet ready.
So hor, when we finally get to enter the room, the theatre is empty!
Whee~~ can take pictures !

To prove that it is really empty, I took some pictures.

She insisted to take this photo.. So...

Okay, it's me in the cinema.

It's them! (can't actually see the X behind)

And.. we finished our show happily! Yeah~ (sorry, crazy for a moment.)
Then, we really don't know where to go already..
So we went to Parkson(suggested by me) to see the "Father's Day" present.
We headed to the "heaven" again, to get my favourite Movenpick ice cream.
Two scoop for rm9 only! Very nice!
I have strawberry + hazelnut and Xin Ying have the.. I forgot what flavour. XD
Too bad I don't have pictures for it.
Before Xin Ying goes back, I treat her a slice of cake as her belated birthday cake.
Since she don't want to choose, so I choose for her. /gg
A cranberries cake. I hope she will like it.
I have to queue up for J.Co donuts 'coz my stupid sis (*piak piak* you this stupid bun!) wanted to eat.
Very tired actually.
We have to walk back to KLCC to take train, at this peak hour, 6pm.
Before that, as I promised, I will give Yue Liang a slice of cake also.
She took a sugar free moist chocolate cake from Secret Recipe.
No doubt, she said it's nice.
Okay lo, now everyone happy liao? haha.
We met Zheng Xiang and his younger brother at the station.
So, asked him to take photo for Yue Liang and I.

So sorry to say, but the focus is too near. Look abit weird. Thanks anyway.

Happy ending. Seriously I am very enjoy today. We talk alot like how we do last time and I don't write it down partially because I have this so-called Alzeimer's disease, so you know la, what else do you expect right? haha.
I gave both of them 2 soft toys. I hope they like that. ^_^
To Yue Liang and Xin Ying :
Turning into 18 years old already.
Don't change too much ah! Later I don't recognise you all already.
I hope we can still find time to go out like today and then just talk talk talk.. hehe
Okay la, I know this might be a little bit silly, but I still want to say,

The followings are my camwhore pictures, if you ever feel uncomfortable, you can just leave. thank you.

Even though in the air-conditioned room, but I still feel hot.

Waiting for my sis to bath.

"Acting" cute.

Not cute de people must act abit. XD

--- I am born to make people happy but who make mine? ---


moon on June 7, 2008 at 5:13 AM said...

zadao .. u go take ppl photo quietly?? geng ! haha ...don worry .. i may not change many de.. but not sure with xin ying la...haha ..yaya .. friend forever la ... haha

Yvonne on June 11, 2008 at 3:41 AM said...

"The dunno what sauce"


Wah, camwhore pic spam...

*no eye see* XD


Siew Lee on June 13, 2008 at 4:27 AM said...

To Moon:

no.. not quietly. It's just that you can't see when I was taking. XDXD

To JR:

what~~ no eye see also must see.


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