Saturday, August 30, 2008

Late.. again

Posted by Siew Lee at 8/30/2008 05:48:00 AM
Okay, I was late again on Thursday. Just for like 5-10 minutes? Luckily it was Pure Maths lecture, and the lecturer wasn't teaching yet.

Basically it was a study day for all of us, since Friday will be our GP and Applied Maths tests.

I got B for Chemistry Practical.. don't know what's wrong with the experiment. >.<

Wei Yuan really like to create names for people. He even created the name "Machi di di" for.. er.. someone. XD Then, my lab partner, which is Wei Yuan's buddy, Jian Shen, also tease together with Wei Yuan with the new name. Pity Cally. Cally, finally you know how I feel when they were doing this to me, for the CallyWHOLE day.

After class, went to library with 3 bodyguards- Hao Ting, Ryan, Melvin with me. haha. We went there to study, of course, the permutations and combination. Gosh Holly Molly. WTH. The topic is not easy. Oh ya, Melvin gave me a yellow lily. =) Thanks.

Ryan eventually got alot of topics to talk and he kept saying I was looking at him. Then somemore reminded me that he has a gf already. I was like.. =.='''... Okay then, they got the same reference book for STPM except for me which I don't know why they wanna get the same book.

Cally and I went to Canteen 2 at 5.30pm while waiting for Cally's mom and my sister. Cally bought Twisties and we sat down to have our Girl's talk. haha. I wasn't blur this time. I assumed alot of things and related it to some other things. As usual, Cally, you know I know enough. XD
(Don't go try guessing... )

p/s: As what Cally said, I really wanna see how far it can goes. I really don't believe there's not even one slightest mistake that we can see.



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