Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stranger, KLCC

Posted by Siew Lee at 8/30/2008 06:40:00 AM
It's finally our Test 2 for GP and Applied Maths. I was quite... scared.

Someone moody already...

Cally studied from 1am to 5.30am and she has tuition classes at night. omg. How can she stay up like that? killing man.

The first class was Chemistry lecture. Mr. Loh is just so funny. "Young people like us has no problem with this.." What you mean by us ? haha. And he was telling us that he can run for 10.69 seconds for 100m, even better than Usian Bolt. LOL. I know it's good to scare us so that we will study, but, 6 hours a day? His sentence.. " Time is precious..........." "You got no one to blame but to blame yourself..........." "...... if not you're going to fail".

So we had our tests done and, I really got nothing to say about both the tests. Just let it be. CK sat besides me when we were having lunch at Canteen 1. hehe. automatically sat there right, CK? haha.

The 2 gang, Wei Yuan, Yoon Hung, Ching Jia, Hao Ting, Selina, Hebe and Mei Mei skipped Bio lecture today and went to KLCC. I went to KLCC as well but after the lecture.

Ms. Geraldine was pointing out student to repeat the movement of sucrose from the source to sink. Cally was kept pointing and me, and BINGO, lecturer saw that, and said, "Oh ya, the one besides Cally. I don't think I had chosen you before for any repitition right?" THANKS so much Cally. I eventually repeated, without guidance of lecturer, and she praised for having good memory because she was suprised. (where normally guidance is given when student is repeating the lecture) For the very first time, someone is saying I have good memory. XD

Rush to KLCC and Jian Shen and Yoon Hung were waiting me in front of Romps. Thanks for waiting me. The show is called Stranger. and Im telling once again, I REALLY DON'T LIKE TO WATCH HORROR/SCARY MOVIE. 3/4 of the time I was sms-ing or listening to Yoon Hung's craps to keep me from being too scared. I got nothing to complain, but why Wei Yuan? I know the story, I just don't want to repeat. I will just watch the Zohan at 3 something if same thing happens again.

We had our lunch at Pizza Hut since they prefer this. No doubt their pizzas are nice but not the menu at KLCC. I hate KLCC's Pizza Hut. =.='' I ate 3 pizzas and I still don't feel full. Talk alot and basically I forgot what we were talking. XD Hao Ting, Jordan and Mei Mei left earlier. So left 5 of us, Yoon Hung, Ching Jia, Jian Shen, Wei Chie and I.

We eventually went to see boy's stuffs. While walking, and talking to Jian Shen, he asked me a question, which makes me rethink of it where this question has long disappears in my mind.

Went back at tha peak hour. Reached home safely before the it started to rain. Talked to my sisters for like 2 hours. and.. here I am. =)

Today's thoughts:
1. Jian Shen asked :" What type of guys do you like?"
At first I answered him, I really don't know. I said, " When saw that person, got feel means got lor." Then Yoon Hung immediately said, " First sight love la" I mean, not in that sense. So, Jian Shen said, there must be some criteria that you want from "him" right. A question to ponder again. Till now, what I think I can answer is just that, I can't really take guys who don't know how to care of others. Don't be suprise there's such person exists even they are in a relationship.

2. Bio lecturer told us about Dolphin and Peacock were using some ways to attracts the females.
Then, she said, "Aren't Men just like them ?"
Guys are attracted to the beauty of girls, so do girls. So, here come my question. Are you guys that "skinless" until you just look at the outer appearance. I admit that everyone do look at the outer appearance, but not the ONLY factor that you are looking at. If you are doing so, Im telling you, I LOOK DOWN on you. If I have such friend, I will just say, " We are simply in the different world." I just can't accept this kind of "skinless" attitude, no matter girls or boys. So, what do you think, huh, those that isn't pretty or handsome isn't human being? WTH.

We make friends, because we share the same interests even there's some differences. So, just get lost if you are not in my world. It's as simple as that.




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