Thursday, August 28, 2008

The "new" Wednesday

Posted by Siew Lee at 8/28/2008 04:37:00 AM
After viewing C2m's blog, I truly don't feel like putting a title for my post. In fact, sometimes, and most of the time, I can't find any title for my blog as if it's random.

Well, our class has a new time table starting on from the previous Monday. Basically, it's only Wednesday and Friday that have changes. I used to have 9am class on Wednesday, and there's 2 tutorial classes. The new time table has the Biology practical class shifted to Wednesday, and we have 2 1/2 hours after that and before our last class for the day.

Everyone is so..... unusual today. I mean, I was late for morning class, for the first time, and it's like 30 minutes late. Gosh. It's like from the Wangsa Maju LRT to TARC, it took me for 30 minutes. hell yeah. WTH. Okay then, Wei Chie and Chong Keat were some kind of.. funny today. XD
Cally was totally crazy. Wei Yuan was abit lonely, 'coz Yoon Hung wasn't there. Pity Yoon Hung, he has low immunity.

Then, we went for Bio practical to see our pretty teacher, Ms. Junnie. Today's experiment was considered an easy one, since teacher actually prepared the 0.5% and 0.25% glucose solution for us. So what we have to do is just use the syringe and take the samples. =P

Cally used 2 water bath to make the experiment fast, which I think we should be using only 1. While doing, we realized that our last sample wasn't really changing the colour, so we started to worry, maybe we did something wrong. So when Ms. Junnie came to us, we were like keep asking " Teacher, okay or not?" and, she said, "Your results are quite good." *sigh of relief* haha. Guess what, we get one of the best results for the day. =)

Left- Seow Yen, Cally and I. Right- Wei Chie and Chong Keat. They got the best results as well.

Can see the colour change? The 3 test tubes from the left are the juices that we were testing, while the other 3 are for comparison of glucose concentration.

After the practical, we eventually went to library to study, as I promised Cally, without waiting Wei Chie, 'coz he's too slow. hehe. We studied permutation and combinations, which took us for like hour to solve few questions. I was solving some questions, which I took like an hour, but later then only I knew that those questions are not in the syllabus. =.='' Yet, Im happy that I can solve those questions. =)

You guys know that, phone should be on silent mode while you are in library right. But my phone rang while I was there..... And all the students around were like looking at my table. The ringtone isn't loud for normal situation, but, not in library.

Okay then we went to Canteen 2 to have our lunch. Jian Shen was merajuk-ing with Cally 'coz she didn't wait for him to eat. And, Cally saw the CUTE friend of mine, for her, from Japanese language class.

Applied Maths lecture. Chong Keat so was pity, eating his "bau" alone there. S.H and Mei Mei went out to eat. Do you know why Chong Keat don't want to follow them? hehe. Im not telling why. I was sitting beside him, and we talk, laugh, tease and crap alot, as an unusual phenomenon. XD

Well then, Cally claimed that we were bullying her. But the truth is, everyone is attacking. And Cally wanted me to s*a* her. jkjk.

Cally asked Jian Shen about the movie for this Friday. Then, Cally said " You go then I go." Jian Shen asked " Wanna ask him to go or not? /gg". Then Jian Shen suddenly attack me and say, " Wanna ask Mr. *action* to go or not?" I replied " I DARE you. If he goes I go. XD" Then Chong Keat merajuk 'coz we didn't ask him to go.

Actually it should be a fun conversation, but I don't think I make it sounds intresting. Whatever la.

I went back with Seow Yen today. She is a good driver. =)

I tried to make the...... steamed egg today. It tasted quite nice.

Today's thought: The conversation between Cally and Jian Shen really make me so so so curious and no doubt I was kept guessing. Obviously they are not telling me. =(
Someone said he thinks too much. So do I. Sometimes will actually make go crazy.

Kah Seng, a friend of mine, asked me a question, "Why aren't you in a relationship?"

....................... speechless. What do you expect me to answer? XD

p/s: I forgot to give Cally the Meiosis notes again. This is me, the always blur girl. XD




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