Friday, August 15, 2008

OO nite

Posted by Siew Lee at 8/15/2008 05:56:00 AM
First time going a big event in college,( besides Mass Call) I was abit.. er.. over excited? haha.
I really don't have any thing to comment for this event, but one thing is that, the emcees truly funny XD, especially Faizal. Oh yeah, TT finalists were sitting right in front of us, and making all sorts of cheer throughout the event. The lucky thing is that, they didn't use any wisel.
We didn't chat alot when we were inside. 'coz not that close to Gordon and Janson, and, basically just wanna enjoy the nite quietly. =p

3 of us inside the College Hall.

Try 1.

Try 2.

Try 3.

And.. finally a clear one. =)

random picture in the College Hall.

Too sien until go unpacked the gift.

Got all sorts of vouchers and samples.

Ex-TT Finalists perfoming.

OO Nite Finalists doing their casual wear cat walk.

F6 and M6.

OO Nite finalists perfoming a drama.

Can spot the Superman? XD

The good ones win. =)

Cat walk as well.

Mei Mei left the event quite early. Well, 3 of us left before the show ended, and we headed to JJ to have our dinner at Nando's.

Walking down the road with heels and it's slippery.

Cally, Me, Janson. Gordon was infront.

4 of us.




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