Saturday, August 23, 2008

Science Exhibition

Posted by Siew Lee at 8/23/2008 05:09:00 AM
Well.. basically I had forgotten the sequence of activities happened for these 3 months. So, don't blame me if I ever update not following the sequence.

I joined the SMS- Science and Maths Society. I don't actually know why I wanted to join, I think, it's for the sake of joining a society. I might as well go join Chinese Society then. =( But I didn't. I will be too busy then if I did that.

The SMS was having this Science Exhibition annually. According to my seniors, they said, this was one of the biggest event this society, which I found out to be... speechless. hehe. Public Relation should work hard on it I guess. =p

I was in Group..................... 7, I think. Who cares. It's a PHYSICS booth. Yeah, and Im not taking Physics for my A-Level. BUT, Physics is no doubt a fun subject to learn. And, it's a fun booth too, besides the volcano eruption which I had done it during form 4, and it's not exciting. Ooops, Im just telling the truth.

Im quite glad that Im in this group, nice seniors and groupmates. And our current president, Bala is also in our group, but he can't remember people's names.

I like the frog disecting! haha. Not really saw the whole process, but the person damn geng.

I did the medical check-up as well. Hmm... overall the person said quite okay, but low blood pressure? If Im not mistaken. Thank god my muscle still there.

There's other booth like.. the SEX education booth, Maths booth, Computer Science booth, Astrology booth and Food and Souvenirs booth.

Cally and her groupmates. She was in Computer Science group.

The Astrology thingy. The horoscope explanation was........... no comment. haha.

Sex education booth.

Physics booth. The guy was trying a quite fun activity.

Hardwares for Computer Science booth.

Mei Mei with her "Warning" board. She was promoting our booth.XD

Ya. It's me with the volcano thingy...

I went back earlier 'coz I went to Times Square to shop. haha. To shop for OO Nite if Im not mistaken.




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