Friday, September 12, 2008

Blur day

Posted by Siew Lee at 9/12/2008 04:38:00 AM
Didn't really have a quality sleep today's morning. Yeah, I slept at around 3.30am. Normally it shouldn't be a problem for me if Im sleeping "early" and waking up at 7.00am. But today kinda different, found it so hard to wake up then kind of "blur".

Slept in the car eventhough it's so near to college. Dropped my bottle while entering the gate. Gosh. My dear bottle... So then I reminded myself to must be alert today. So while I walk I also walk carefully, go down the stairs especially, then do things and stuff must also be "clear".

Copied notes in Pure Maths lecture as usual. Damn sleepy. When it comes to Bio lecture, I nearly.. fall asleep. But luckily still can keep myself awake. Kinda of rejuvenated after Bio, and before Chemistry lecture. 'coz Wooi Liam was saying he wanna gain 10kg in December. Then everyone started discuss and talk and told alot of funny stuffs. What ask him go eat alot of cheese, and drink oil. Ask him don't exercise and bla bla bla.. Then Jian Shen said, "I think you will get heart attack before you manage to gain weight. XD" LOL.

Yoon Hung said Ching Jia look like Harry Potter with his spec. Is it? hehe. abit.

Chemistry lecture was okay. Not that sleepy. I kept on remindind Cally about the ketone, which is on her fingernails. XD I think she got fed up already. Then I turn back and pointed at Mei Mei's fingernails as well. Well, Mr. Loh actually like to joke with us. But sometimes I just don't find like laughing it. It's my problem. =p

Went to TBR to eat. Quite rare that we actually follow them. Don't really like to walk there, due to my laziness. XD Chong Keat wore pink today! wahaha. same with me. He looked so damn tired. Excuse me, I should be more tired than you
lor I think. And.. I managed to tease him today, at least once. XD but he said he will catch a shark for me. Ask me to wait him at house and he will cook for me. LOL.

Cally keep promoting the book that she's currently reading. Okay okay, just lend me after you finished it and I will read it. She said it's inspiring.

Slept for like 30 minutes during break. So sleepy at Bio tutorial. Luckily did those questions before class, or not really lost in the class.

Cally and I were talking to Vishnu about the movies that we watched yesterday. Then, suddenly jump topic to our age. Vishnu jumped his PTS as well. And he knew that my year was the last year for PTS. and Cally is kinda shock to found out that I actually took my SPM at the age of 15, since my birthday is at December. Then, she said I am considered quite smart for my age. Well, since Im the one who chosen to jump PTS, so I have to catch up to be like same age as them. Cally said I look more mature than my elder sister, which is, everyone is saying so. haha.

Chemistry practical.. was.. so... I don't wanna mention. Tried twice, but then still cannot get the results. I wonder why everytime practical it's so warm over my place,
mana tau it's because the fan is not on. =.=''

Went back with Mei Mei today. Thanks for sending me back. =)

Felt like wanna go swinging again.. but I didn't.. just wanna get home and sleep. haha.

Oh ya, this is the dinner for me today.

McDonald's! haha. The purple's one is mine! I ate McChicken and the rest is not mine. XD

This is.. fried prawn I think. They said it's nice, but I haven't try it yet.

p/s: It's hard to pretend, really hard to pretend that you are not there.




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